Robotic surgery is showing many disruptive advantages for several surgical procedures and is marking the steps for the future of minimally invasive surgery, especially in laparoscopy (e.g. the daVinci system from Intuitive Surgical).

These robots use cable-driven mechanism to actuate long straight tools having a wrist with 3 degrees of freedom (DOFs,) while the other DOFs needed for performing surgical operations are provided by the external robotic arms. Each tool is inserted at a convenient location. However, the trend in surgical robotics is to reduce the trauma produced by introducing instruments inside the abdominal cavity, using a single port in a natural access point: the navel.

When only one insertion point is available, the use of external actuation can ...

Infectious agents, like bacteria and viruses, tend to be both really nasty and really inventive. No sooner do we invest millions in research to find successful vaccine, than we learn that the bug we are trying to kill has successfully developed a new defense against our work. Given this never ending war, is there any way to win the war against these agents and end the terrible cost in human life and misery they exact?


The ability of infectious agents to use mutation to generate a successful defense has thwarted our attempts to rid the world of them entirely. However, this ability can also be used against them. Imagine a two-part vaccine, given at two separate occasions, neither ...

BioChiller© is a refrigerator/freezer for the preservation of organs, tissue or other biological samples or medicines in storage or during transport. It will use easily-changed rechargeable battery packs and electric motors, to drive a small Zero Pollution Heat Pump© (ZPHP©). Aerogel or other extremely efficient insulation, will minimize cooling load. "Smart" controls will adjust motor speed and duty cycle, to optimize battery life, based on current, real-time data. It will use GPS for data and route logging and tracking by the sender, intended recipient and device. It can also be plugged into the wall, for extended or permanent sample or medicine storage.

The BioChiller© will monitor, display and log container and heat exchanger temperature and battery level. A mechanical ...

Continuous blood pressure Monitoring and Signaling in case of emergency through 3G modem.

The system continuously monitors the blood pressure at predefined intervals and sends the blood pressure information to preloaded mobile number or to an emergency contact number, when ever the blood pressure goes beyond the normal range.

The system uses the auto inflatable blood pressure monitor with built in 3G modem. The 3G modem is preloaded with the emergency contact numbers and the ranges of the blood pressure. The inflatable blood pressure monitor is time schedulable and the time can be programmable.

The user can schedule the time at which it has to inflate to measure the blood pressure i.e. every hour or for every two hours ...

Conventional crutches have changed very little over the past 5000 years, there have been many attempts to overcome the shortcomings of rigid stiff type walking aids, such as absorbent tips, spring's in the shaft, all with limited successes in storing energy. People with long term disabilities are limited to the range of travel with conventional crutches, due to the energy expenditure needed to propel the system. With conventional crutches the human body absorbs the energy from impact, with each impulse the forces is transferred and concentrated in and around joint area, especially the shoulder area. This type of Cyclical impact over time will damage your joints, not to mention your triceps muscles must compensate for your leg muscles, just ...


The Cardio Inflator is a non-surgical emergency room fixture used to re-inflate a collapsed heart or cardiac blood vessel. Here, we concentrate on the cardiac artery.

The Cardio Inflator is akin to an iron lung where negative pressure draws air into the patient's lungs. With the airway blocked, instead of the lungs inflating with air, the cardiac artery fills with blood (along with the heart and all blood-carrying cavities of the torso).


The mechanism is fitted with a handle-operated bellows to work during a power failure.

The essential parts are:
Torso chamber
Leg boots - seals the legs to prevent air entry
Neck boot - seals the neck opening
Both leg and neck boots may be ...


The present method in catheter insertion is uncomfortable to say the least.
This invention from Balint Szent-Miklosy
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works to make it a simple procedure taking nature’s own way into account.
The urethra’s normal function is to comfortably pass water out of the body. This invention reverses the process and pumps pure water back up into the urethra through the catheter which has a slightly bulbous head. As the water fills the urethra it wants to exit forming a liquid washer around the entering catheter.
Figure1 is a fragmentary elevation view showing the end of a low friction catheter for insertion in the urethra of a patient.
Figure 2 is a longitudinal cross-sectional ...

This invention is another tool to help improve the handwashing of hospital medics (a New York Times article recently claimed that washing only happens about 1/3 as frequently as training requires).

All medical staff in contact with patients would wear a brightly coloured bracelet (collecting a fresh one as they began their shift). This would contain an aerosol full of harmless, water-soluble paint.

The bracelet would also contain a timer which would ensure that a small spot of bright paint was delivered onto the back of a medic’s hand, say every ten minutes throughout the day.

This device could be manufactured as cheaply as a digital watch using that technology as well as the simplest inkjet mechanism (in volumes ...

For diabetics, an under-dosing insulin injection before eating is hazardous. The resulting hyperglycemia (high levels of sugar in the blood), if persistent, can result in damage to nerves, blood vessels and organs which can lead to more serious complications such as higher susceptibility to infections, inability to heal, kidney damage or loss, heart damage, partial or complete vision loss, amputation, etc. However, overdosing insulin injections can result in hypoglycemia (low levels of sugar in the blood), which causes patients to consume unnecessary sugar-rich food in order to prevent falling into a life-threatening, brain damaging coma. Therefore, finding the perfect dose of insulin for every type of food is essential for a diabetic who wants to live a normal life. ...

SemiNex Corporation developed a low cost, hand-held laser system for treating facial skin wrinkles and acne. The device is available in lower powers for the home consumer market and high powers for general practitioner use. The wireless laser device is the size of an electric razor and contains a programmable controller, rechargeable battery, laser engine, and safety interlocks all integrated into the hand-piece. Prototypes are available now and formal clinical testing in the USA will be completed this Fall.

The SemiNex hand-held laser is based on the professional laser devices used by cosmetic surgeons for the past 10 years. The SemiNex system allows home users to achieve results comparable to those seen on popular TV shows such as Extreme ...

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