Robotic surgery is showing many disruptive advantages for several surgical procedures and is marking the steps for the future of minimally invasive surgery, especially in laparoscopy (e.g. the daVinci system from Intuitive Surgical).

Infectious agents, like bacteria and viruses, tend to be both really nasty and really inventive. No sooner do we invest millions in research to find successful vaccine, than we learn that the bug we are trying to kill has successfully developed a new defense against our work.

BioChiller© is a refrigerator/freezer for the preservation of organs, tissue or other biological samples or medicines in storage or during transport. It will use easily-changed rechargeable battery packs and electric motors, to drive a small Zero Pollution Heat Pump© (ZPHP©). Aerogel or other extremely efficient insulation,

Continuous blood pressure Monitoring and Signaling in case of emergency through 3G modem.

The system continuously monitors the blood pressure at predefined intervals and sends the blood pressure information to preloaded mobile number or to an emergency contact number, when ever the blood pressure goes beyond the normal range.

Conventional crutches have changed very little over the past 5000 years, there have been many attempts to overcome the shortcomings of rigid stiff type walking aids, such as absorbent tips, spring's in the shaft, all with limited successes in storing energy.


The Cardio Inflator is a non-surgical emergency room fixture used to re-inflate a collapsed heart or cardiac blood vessel. Here, we concentrate on the cardiac artery.

The Cardio Inflator is akin to an iron lung where negative pressure draws air into the patient's lungs.


The present method in catheter insertion is uncomfortable to say the least.
This invention from Balint Szent-Miklosy
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works to make it a simple procedure taking nature’s own way into account.
The urethra’s normal function is to comfortably pass water out of the body.

This invention is another tool to help improve the handwashing of hospital medics (a New York Times article recently claimed that washing only happens about 1/3 as frequently as training requires).

For diabetics, an under-dosing insulin injection before eating is hazardous. The resulting hyperglycemia (high levels of sugar in the blood), if persistent, can result in damage to nerves, blood vessels and organs which can lead to more serious complications such as higher susceptibility to infections, inability to heal,

SemiNex Corporation developed a low cost, hand-held laser system for treating facial skin wrinkles and acne. The device is available in lower powers for the home consumer market and high powers for general practitioner use.

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