There are approximately 1.8 million manual wheelchair users in the United States and the population is expected to grow at a rate of 10% annually. Seventy five percent of wheelchair users rely on manual wheelchairs.

The basic Idea to design a Shri Yantra Based Patch antenna for stress removal of Brain. The design of Shri Yantra is a very ancient geometry design of India.

A device to replicate the natural DC electrical current that flows in outdoor environments through people and plants. The current replicated comes from atmospheric electricity and forms the return path from lighting discharges in other places on the earth. It is present during periods of clear weather.

Diabetes affects more than 20 million Americans (7%) and nearly 250 million persons worldwide in its two primary types (Type I “insulin-dependent”: ~10%; Type II “insulin-resistant”: ~90%), resulting in a huge economic and social burden on society. To date there is no cure for this disease.

Smart e-stick is an electronic interface which has been designed for the visually impaired people to make them walk more efficiently by providing the indication and voice message about the presence of any obstacles on their way.

Whether you have acute back pain, a sports injury or the most common chronic condition, arthritis, you are almost guaranteed to develop some kind of musculoskeletal condition at some stage of your lives. In the case of the arthritis sufferers,

Combine Google maps, GPS, web advertising and speech synthesizing to create a virtual world for the blind.

As the blind person walks down the side walk of main street USA the computer will describe the suroundings, give any hazards coming up and businesses can announce sales.

Speechless are using sign language to communicate with other people. The problem is that most people do not know sign language. I propose to build a device able to recognize symbols of sign language and convert them to speech.

Correction of Pediatric and Adult spine deformity is a difficult problem facing physicians worldwide. Currently devices on the market necessitate large expansile incisions and extensive blood loss, creating a high morbidity rate as well as a significant complication rate.

The idea to develop a sport that can be played in space comes as an answer to several questions, most related to the differentiation between game/play/sport and exercise, the second is mentioned very often in space related documentary, articles and books.

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