There was a recent paper in Medical Design Briefs (Purdue Universtiy study) that described how nano particles were used in imaging. there was a statement that said:

"Unlike previous approaches using tiny metallic nanorods and nanospheres, the new technique does not cause heat damage to tissue being imaged.

Anti-Blindness System. This project utilizes electronic circuits and optical devices that already exist. Inside the helmet, we’ve put a polarimeter and a spectrometer which help blind people to obtain precise information about soil composition(snow, mud), deep water, vacuous spaces and so on.

In modern life, people suffer almost regularly of back pain, headache, tired eyes after a long stay in front of a PC screen, sciatica etc. Worst, there is no solution for a private treatment at home, avoiding in this way losing time and money for a Clinic visit.

The view I submit is self explanatory. What I have is a harness connected to a patient. The other end is connected to a ceiling mobile track system connected to the ceiling via a magnetic skid. A motor within the skid detects directional movement and moves accordingly. For instance,

Health care is a basic human need and shared social responsibility.

Our primary inspiration is distributing of knowledge to improve the lives of patients and caregivers and to allow healthy persons to avoid unnecessary health risks.

We believe that to make a difference and help patients live healthier lives,

Consequence is a medical product focused on children between 8 and 10 years.
The idea is to retrieve the user's ankle in a funny way, making the child do the exercises without any problem.

The Quantitative Measuring Dispenser provides an easy way for dispensing medicaments and other materials directly from the original container. The device meters the dose exactly with minimal tolerances and with no chance for a partial dose or dose larger than required.

This design idea proposes looking at cancer tumors as an electrical engineering problem and use simple techniques to detect and treat them using common lab equipment and RF energy (i.e. cell phone signals). Information available estimates more than 180,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year,

The Bardo Airway (Patent Pending) is a revolutionary oropharyngeal airway that establishes and maintains an open airway and also prevents dental and soft tissue damage.

The Problem:

•Dental injury is the most common medicolegal complaint against anesthesia, accounting for greater than 33% of all complaints.

Human Robotics is a small high tech company dedicated to Research & Development of new anthropomorphic robotic technologies for being applied on minimally invasive robotic surgery.
The company has developed a miniature anthropomorphic robotic torso which includes 2 arms, trunk and a miniature camera.

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