There was a recent paper in Medical Design Briefs (Purdue Universtiy study) that described how nano particles were used in imaging. there was a statement that said:

"Unlike previous approaches using tiny metallic nanorods and nanospheres, the new technique does not cause heat damage to tissue being imaged."

I suggest that we use that "imperfection" to eliminate bad tissue. This is accomplished by creating nano structures that are designed to attach themselves to a particular bad tissue type (cancers, growths, tumors etc.) and then to be activated by the light pulses destroying the bad tissue cells. This, in turn, destroys the bad tissue at the molecular level. No damage to surrounding tissue, localized treatment to affected areas only, no ...

Anti-Blindness System. This project utilizes electronic circuits and optical devices that already exist. Inside the helmet, we’ve put a polarimeter and a spectrometer which help blind people to obtain precise information about soil composition(snow, mud), deep water, vacuous spaces and so on. We also put a GPS and a cellphone connected on the internet in the helmet so the owner can find his way and go wherever he wants. The spectacular glasses are actually a set of optical lenses functioning as light sensors. The glasses work as webcam lens but they will also be able to process infrared radiation for improving night vision. It is important to advise that the images obtained by the system won’t be the same ...

In modern life, people suffer almost regularly of back pain, headache, tired eyes after a long stay in front of a PC screen, sciatica etc. Worst, there is no solution for a private treatment at home, avoiding in this way losing time and money for a Clinic visit. The problem can be solved with a Pad emitting particular electromagnetics waves. The advantages of such therapy are well known, for instance: noninvasive treatment, no feelings during application, no risks of overdose or addiction, good results for all type of therapies including Parkinson's disease.
The inconvenience of actual equipment are due to their size, power emissions, price and specialist operation required.

Thanks to the new nanotechnology, the device controlling the Pad ...

The view I submit is self explanatory. What I have is a harness connected to a patient. The other end is connected to a ceiling mobile track system connected to the ceiling via a magnetic skid. A motor within the skid detects directional movement and moves accordingly. For instance, this system would help patients move between their bed and a toilet, thereby preventing them from falling and causing more injury due to a recent surgery or from an age related weakness. The magnetic ceiling surface skid could also be adapted to many other mass production processes which require movement of heavy objects, beyond what a single railing system could provide. The magnets are of the permanent magnetic ...

Health care is a basic human need and shared social responsibility.

Our primary inspiration is distributing of knowledge to improve the lives of patients and caregivers and to allow healthy persons to avoid unnecessary health risks.

We believe that to make a difference and help patients live healthier lives, we need to form connections with those who are working to address healthcare needs in the community and improve quality of life for patients and caregivers.

A web-site that seeks to safeguard patients through effective mediation assuring access to care, preservation of their financial stability and maintenance of employment relative to their diagnosis of life threatening or debilitating diseases. It is committed to improving the quality of life of patients ...

Consequence is a medical product focused on children between 8 and 10 years.
The idea is to retrieve the user's ankle in a funny way, making the child do the exercises without any problem.
The main problem in these cases is that it's traumatic for a child to this kind of physical therapy exercises. This game gets the user to play and at the same time do his physical therapy.

The product works by showing the child a sequence of lights that the child should make it equally with the affected foot. like Simon Says.

For the construction of the product, the main manufacturing processes are:
- Thermoforming for the upper main board, buttons and foot base.
- Plastic injection: ...

The Quantitative Measuring Dispenser provides an easy way for dispensing medicaments and other materials directly from the original container. The device meters the dose exactly with minimal tolerances and with no chance for a partial dose or dose larger than required. The device is easy to affix to the container and easy to use, especially if integrated as part of a initial packaging. When not needed the container is sealed from the atmosphere, from both air and moisture. It provides a design that works well for solids -powder and liquids in small and larger quantities with the same precision. It works very well for persons with visual limitations including total blindness, arthritis and other disabilities. Other designs may utilize ...

This design idea proposes looking at cancer tumors as an electrical engineering problem and use simple techniques to detect and treat them using common lab equipment and RF energy (i.e. cell phone signals). Information available estimates more than 180,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year, with over 41,000 deaths resulting annually. This rate has risen drastically from just 1 in 20 (in 1960) to 1 in 8 (in 2006). By exploiting currently available technology used in industry, low cost (under $10K) diagnostic and treatment devices can be developed and made available to doctor’s offices and clinics anywhere. Most importantly it will bring low cost preventative screening to the low income and underprivileged areas that greatly need ...

The Bardo Airway (Patent Pending) is a revolutionary oropharyngeal airway that establishes and maintains an open airway and also prevents dental and soft tissue damage.

The Problem:

•Dental injury is the most common medicolegal complaint against anesthesia, accounting for greater than 33% of all complaints.
•The only prospective study of oral injuries during anesthesia and surgery showed an oral injury incidence of 18%. The Bardo Airway can therefore potentially impact over 3 million patients per year in the USA alone.
•Placement of an airway device, i.e. Oropharyngeal Airway, Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA), Endotracheal Tube) transfers jaw clenching forces forward to two or more incisors.
•Loss of access to the obstructed airway during emergence clenching can be life-threatening.

Human Robotics is a small high tech company dedicated to Research & Development of new anthropomorphic robotic technologies for being applied on minimally invasive robotic surgery.
The company has developed a miniature anthropomorphic robotic torso which includes 2 arms, trunk and a miniature camera. Each arm has 7 Degrees of freedom. The invention has been entitled Robotic Surgical Device.

The Robotic Surgical Device is capable to perform thoracic or abdominal Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery.

Competitive Advantages of the Device:
• Robotic Surgical Device (RSD) has 14 Degrees of Freedom (DOF), other devices only have 3 or 4 DOF.
• RSD simulate upper limb surgeon’s movements.
• Direct correlation between surgeon’s articulations and RSD joints.
• Easier ...

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