In the last decades the private space sector has increased its initiative independently from or in tight collaboration with the national and international space agencies. Many companies have the capabilities of designing and actually building satellites or entire modules of the International Space Station. Though the private sector is striving to make access to space and correlated operations more economically convenient, space is still far from being affordable. High costs reside in the long initial phases and in all the actions necessary to amend preliminary design errors. Space vehicles are complex machines designed in a distributed manner, hence making them prone to design errors. The current design techniques are based on concurrent design. This method has been used since ...

The utilization of solar satellites beaming power to an airship based construction, permanently positioned about 18 to 25 km altitude will allow airship utilization to act as rectenna catchment area, an atmospheric intermediary and a relay station for ground based rectenna or receiver dish attributes. Although the feasibility of the complex space based solar power issue is not yet established, investigation of the methodology of space to airship and hence to ground as a beamed transfer system of this type poses considerable potential for the design and development of in space and orbital energy supply process, and obtaining energy features may be included within space based operational platforms, and for spacecraft and advanced upper aircraft attributes. Such prospect may ...

TGDA stands for Ting Gadget with Different Applications. It is a multi-purpose ciruit. It can be used for a wide variety of applications varying from domestic to workbench applications. You can use this in a number of ways depending on your innovation, imagination and creativity.

It is basically a resistance-capacitance controlled oscillator to count the pulses for a specific period. If any sensor or transducer such as LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)is connected externally to it, the seven segment display shows the value corresponding to its resistance. Normally open or closed (i.e. contact or break) type transducer can also be used with this gadget. Fig 1. shows the block diagram and front panel of TGDA.

We will discuss ...

Thin film resistors are becoming the mainstay for hybrid microcircuits.

Integral part of the metal interconnect system.

Offer greater design latitude to the circuit designer; can be laser trimmed with high precision and stability in hermetic packages.
Package size and weight can be significantly reduced using hybrid technology as compared to discrete resistor use on PC boards.
For RF circuit applications, thin film resistors offer a reduction in electrical circuit parasitics by reducing unwanted inductance and capacitance.

This reduction in weight and increased performance are necessary for meeting today’s Space Systems Requirements.

Simple thin film resistor networks have been fabricated with Titanium Carbide as a new material.

This material has a very high melting point ...

A novel tested technology for cooling electronic circuitry is available, also useful in many other industries. The method is called “Thin Cavity Fluidic Heat Exchanger”, abbreviated TCFHE. Technology details can be viewed at the U.S. Patent and Trademark website, application 20100078155.

The TCFHE is a simply constructed, small volume, high performance, and effective method for cooling critical electronic devices at the chip, board, module, and system levels. Its high thermal performance originates from a very high velocity air flow, a very thin boundary layer, and high air utilization. It can efficiently and reliably cool critical regions in electronics at very low cost, in a small space, with high design flexibility, and with no concern for air leakage causing damage. ...

The increasing technological developments have called for increasing production of equipment governed by micro-processors and micro-controllers as part of the strategy of counting. In the field of micro-processor RISC & CISC technologies are the bases for the development of any calculation involving equipment such as PCs, Smartphones, ATMs and any embedded computing. However, each technology has advantages and disadvantages relative to each other, and wherein each offering different developmental models and unsupported.

We present a conceptual model of micro-processing integrated into a single system both technologies RISC & CISC within the same package (UCPU), allowing integration of current developments and future of both worlds, but allowing developers of hardware and software one encoding inter -compatible, this will ensure more ...

This device will function as a replacement for a human translator. But it is more powerful than a human. Two individuals speaking different languages will use this device to communicate by talking to the device.

The device will identify the language by recording a few sentences from person A and B.

When A wants to talk to B, the device will translate it and use a speaker to articulate the meanings in B's language.

Conversely, it will translate B's meaning to A with accuracy and use a speaker to articulate the meaning to A.

This device will be portable with both software and hardware like a cell phone.

It will be made by micro-processor and software and hardware good enough to ...

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