Today we are living in a "touch world” where we enjoy Facebook and YouTube every day. We are more social than ever before, we watch the world through a camera. Let’s have a look at YouTube statistics: over 4 billion videos are viewed a day, over 3 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube.

The basic purpose people watch video is to get information either for entertainment, for business or for anything, but the problem is that we get a very little information from a single video. Sometimes we want to know about a particular thing shown in a video but there is no way to know about that. We need a new video ...

While taking pictures, keeping the camera level cuts off the top of tall buildings. If we tilt the camera upwards to include the top of the tall building, it results in Vertical Perspective.

This happens because the position of the image sensor is fixed in the camera.

I suggest that the image sensor should be mobile. The image sensor should always stay vertical and independent of the camera tilt. This will produce an image that is not distorted by vertical ...

Since the dawn of time mankind has strived to keep “the fire going” to store energy! Energy storage is the key to species advancement.

All evolved organisms have learned to do this very well, and the evolution of the species itself as a working one is the key to our advancement and deep exploration of the universe.
It is now possible to turn the skin of our very machines into storage batteries, using layers of paint.

“”Rice researchers develop paintable battery"

Technique could turn any surface into a lithium-ion battery; may be combined with solar cells

Researchers at Rice University have developed a lithium-ion battery that can be painted ...

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) mounting technologies have been improving continuously parallel with the advent of new advanced components up to the level of Surface Mounting Devices (SMD) and the technology is itself called Surface Mounting Technology (SMT). However, not much emphasis have been shown by the developers in line with the perspective of the repair and the maintenance personnel. The impact of that negligence has contributed negatively in several ways such that scarcity of repair and maintenance jobs, creation of bulk quantities of electronics waste which in turn causing huge environomental problems, loss of value of entire purchase of electronics goods since failing of one crucial component requires replacement of the whole main board (in case of computer, whole ...

A pen-sized smartphone equipped with a stick out rollable touch screen system may revolutionize the entire way that we communicate and utilize our multimedia devices (smartphone, tablets, PC, etc).

This can be the killer app of the future. Properly adapted to an earmounted multifunctional device (micro, speaker. Cam, display) and connected to a wearable power generation system (PV films in the clothes and embedded batteries).

It has portability, big screen size, PC working capability. If mass produced it can have an affordale price ($250) to be accessible to most ...

Currently, all projector screens are merely blank faces which reflect back light. This light is largely wasted. Although still in the very early stages of development, the idea is to create a projector screen that would be able to absorb light energy from the projector as well as reflect sufficient lighting back to the audience. As I am currently a high school student, I am not quite sure how to achieve this. A possibility could be to perhaps utilize a set of reflecting mirrors which reflect back into the audience and into the photo-voltaic cells behind. Also, one-way mirror technology may also do the trick. Later development and improvements could surely increase efficiency, with the goal being near ...

Portable tester for measuring the IV curves of solar cells and modules. It is controlled and powered through a USB cable with any computer such as a laptop or netbook, so can be used outdoors for sunlight testing for several hours with no AC power cord. The big benefit of this design is that it is fast enough to be used indoors 24/7 with a low cost commercial grade flash lamp to test any photovoltaic device from small cells to full size modules. It has been used for crystal-Si and III-V Triple Junction cells and circuits. Light intensity is calibrated with a reference cell of the same spectral response. 8 engineering prototype units have been sold and are being ...

This is a simple peripheral  designed to recondition the used papers which may still be able to be reused by removing all the text or images printed on the paper and then polished like a new sheet of paper. Why? Because paper is still desperately needed despite existing digital media, primarily in Asia. This peripheral can also be connected with the newspaper printing device which in turn reduces the amount of trees being cut down to make new ...

This invention relates to search engines. Search engines use a lot of the available broadband radio spectrum, which contributes to sluggish performance and other system troubles. An overload of the communications system can have grave consequences: computer freezes and crashes at every level including our defense network, law enforcement agencies, and our national security efforts. There have already been situations where websites have been shutdown because hackers bombarded those sites with huge amounts of data requests. This situation is receiving a lot of attention from our government. According to an FY 2012 National Science Foundation (NSF) solicitation (NSF 11561):

”NSF seeks to help reach the nation's future broadband goals and the larger objective of alleviating growing pressure on limited ...

Intermittency can be the curse of a solar PV cell, with no internal energy reserves to supply output energy when the radiating sun intensity is interrupted, even partially.

The simple solution is to:
(1) optimise the collection system by physical changes,
(2) include localised cooling and not worry about thickness,
(3) smooth and extend the energy output by including a
battery system, with each cell, and
(4) maximise the package with simple and effective output
options, building on the standard DC continuous output,
plus DC pulsed and now AC with variable frequency.

The benefits are massive. But there is more ...
from the black ooze of the nearby swamp, commonly known as ...

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