Quadrupole phased-array antenna configuration of multiple dipole antenna elements of sinusoidal incremental phase-shifted longitudinal and transverse dimensions; whereby the incremental longitudinal and transverse phase-shifting energization of the quadrupole antenna elements, substantially generates equal and opposite circularly polarized traveling electromagnetic waves of equal and opposite radiation pressure along equal and opposite Sector Power Ratio (SPR) radials. Whereby the present invention (patent pending) embodies a variable dipole antenna element incremental density (i.e., resolution) and includes a suitable dielectric material 8 to achieve the objective of coupling the electromagnetic dipole radiation of 2,3,4,5,11 into the quadrupole radiation of two equal and opposite traveling circularly polarized one wavelength wavetrains (i.e., one wavelength wavepulses) of equal and opposite radiation pressure; wherein for example, a ...

A New spherical NanoDiamond with semiconductive properties was invented by Chris Arnold, a gemologist and professional Jeweler experimenting with a new type of diamond synthesis. This material has a smooth surface with a crystalline diamond core and the smooth ball bearing shape makes these particles a unique species of Diamond. Upon application of standard High Temperature High Pressure processing of the powder, amorphous semiconductive pieces were created. The applications of either NanoDiamond Particle (Quantum Dots) or larger Diamond Semiconductor materials will change the worldwide face of computing as these diamond semiconductors can operate in temperatures that would vaporize silicon processors and certainly outperform current operating speeds.

Spherical NanoDiamond coatings on electrical connections has proven to reduce disconnect arcing, partly ...

The Aitech low power, Remote I/O Controller, Next Generation (RIO-NG) is Aitech’s latest invention in extensible low power, SWaP, Remote Input Output digital platforms. The RIO-NG platform is designed around a Common Digital Processing Platform (CDPP) based on the CORTEX M4 ARM processor which provides “standard” functionality to collect, process, format, packetize and transport data. The RIO-NG was designed with low power and high military reliability in mind. The CPU selected for this task is the ARM Cortex M4 running at 100 MHz. The RIO-NG platform is founded upon distributed processing and parallel task completion, both of which, coupled with active power management, allow the RIO-NG CPU to run at a significantly reduced clock rate, and provide significantly improved ...

The goal of this design is to improve the availability of aircraft for critical missions by reducing unscheduled maintenance, eliminating unnecessary testing, increasing reliability of electronic systems, and eliminating obsolescence of existing aircraft electronic systems and support equipment. Using a low-power sensor network, critical system line replaceable unit's (LRU) on-time and current consumption will be collected and logged. This data will be transferred to a central database via a secure wireless wide-area network (WWAN) and used to make proactive decisions on equipment reliability and maintenance requirements based upon equipment MTBF and other historical maintenance data.

The system is designed such that it can be implemented on the existing fleet of aircraft and aircraft electronic systems with minimum impact. The ...

Problem Identification
While the use of various lightweight structures continues to grow for future automobile and aerospace vehicles, the availability of practical modular, miniaturized and multi-purposed Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) sensor systems for monitoring structure is seriously trailing. Thus, the need exists to develop a wireless structure monitoring system that is accurate but easy to handle physical, environmental and even chemical parameters. The miniature wireless autonomous sensor system enables monitoring not normally accessible with wired technologies, thus allowing insight to be gained into performance and safety of various vehicles. At the same time they reduce system preparation time and cost significantly.

In general, surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices convert electrical waves into acoustic waves within piezoelectric substrates through printed interdigital ...

Background and scope of invention
This invention deals with improvement of battery backup of laptops by recycling the waste heat generated during the process. Laptop batteries used today have a limited backup time ranging from three to six hours. During long journeys, corporate meetings, and long power failures inconveniences are caused due to limited backup time of batteries.

During operation, overall laptop system generates tremendous amount of heat with peak temperature in vicinity of processor. Figure 1 demonstrates temperature in different sections of a MacBook Pro laptop and it can be inferred that a huge fraction of electrical energy supplied to the laptop is dissipated into heat energy. This inspired us to develop a novel system which could ...

Shoot To Kill Forest Fires

Spraying water or fire retardant on a forest fire is effective. However it is cumbersome and endangers people on the ground or those flying tankers overhead.

Here is another way:

If you ever removed ice from an ice tray before the water was completely frozen, you know that a hard ice shell holds a liquid interior.

That’s the concept of the new way to fight forest fires from a distance by shooting water at it in frozen containers holding about a half gallon of water or retardant, containers that themselves melt over the fire dousing flames.

We would need a source of water and energy generator, close to the fire but not so close ...

The omni-IDE is a versatile, comprehensive “software defined” electronic appliance that serves as a core platform for a wide range of embedded applications, hence the name "omni-IDE."

The omni-IDE capabilities provide the following benefits:
*Practical utility
*Ease of deployment
*Educational resource
*Easily integrated into a larger system (eg, industrial) as a self-contained component.
*Excellent reference design for virtually any custom application-specific device
*Excellent "ready-to-go" evaluation/development platform
*Third party opportunities

Furthermore, this design idea will:
*Improve quality of a developer's life
*Automate tedious tasks
*Save time and money
*Lead to other product improvements

This idea is novel in that it provides working, known good application templates on ready-to-use SD cartridges that plug into the omni-IDE ...

Transmission Line
1/ Use a series of Solar Cells to form the transmission line.
2/ The transmission line is made of Solar Cells anchored onto a piece of support.
3/ These Solar Cells are connected in series.
4/ So the Voltage at the receiving end will be n x Voltage output of a Solar Cell ( n=no. of Solar Cells).

5/ Install Lights which will be turned on when there is no Sunlight.
6/ These lights will shine up the Solar Cells when there is no Sunlight & will continue to supply electricity.
7/ These lights will not block the Sunlight from entering the Solar ...

LEDs are about 8 times as efficient as incandescent lights. With cost coming down what holds back this highly efficient light source from becoming the main lighting in the world? The answer is heat. Tiny LEDs generate heat which is not radiated in the form of infrared heat like the incandescent bulb does. In order to generate enough light many LEDs are clustered together to generate enough light to form an alternative to light bulbs. As every LED generates a little bit of heat, clustering them together makes it a lot of heat. Traditional ways to get rid of the heat is heatsinks. There is however a problem with heatsink. Doubling the heatsink does not double the cooling capacity ...

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