This is an innovative design for a sensor to measure the spin of rockets. The spin sensors that are available today use a gyroscope or an accelerometer. These instruments are expensive and require a lot of electronic equipment and are easily damaged.

A proprietary very simple,

The world is analog, yet we have spent the last century force fitting the analog world into digital patterns to match the capabilities of digital computers. What if one could create analog models that run on today’s digital computers? The human’s left brain processes information sequentially,

Flywheel research at NASA and BOEING and other places are proving that this energy storage has arrived.

When weapons are used as energy or particle accelerators, one major problem has been to get sufficient burst energy to fire and then to be able to fire successive shots.

This invention is a lane guiding addition to a modern GPS, directing the driver into the correct lane for navigation, without having to remove their eyes from the road.

Complex three, four and five lane highways (California, Texas, New York, DC come to mind),

One of the big challenges to homeschoolers is providing for lab classes such as AP physics. There are suppliers like Pasco http://www.pasco.com/ or Vernier http://www.vernier.com/ that supply most of the lab equipment you find in high school and college classrooms.

Mentis, or "mind" in Latin," is the future of information transferring technology. Just as the computer and the internet giving the world access to all knowledge known to man revolutionized humanity once,

Our team specializes in developing embedded software for control systems of adjustable and servo drives and actuators.

Market Situation
- More than half of all quantity (>1 billion) of produced electrical motors are equipped with electronic control system on the base of special microprocessor/microcontroller unit (MCU);

An inexpensive standalone intelligent device that can take on many avatars.

The device consists of a depth and motion sensing set of cameras and a powerful processor. Combined with proprietary software the system can be used as an interface between users and equipment and machinery.

The MXC form factor from WOLF Industrial Systems specifically targets the high-end video requirements of analog, digital, and broadcast SMPTE inputs and outputs, video mixing and overlay, H.264 compression, and AES encryption.

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