The EG/A (earth gravity/atmosphere) proof of concept designs of ion thrusters. Powered by a 200,000 KV, Van De Graaf electrostatic generator. All thrusters and components are invented, designed and created by me. My primary goal is to design a ion thrust unit design for class room study and demonstration. The proof of of concept designs shown may be researched to a more powerful and useful end.


To view a demonstration of a operating EG/A thruster, copy the address above and paste the address in the address bar at the top of your browser and click ...

By using the power of magnetism, I have a way to make the articulating joints in robots very strong and lightweight. Use electromagnets in the joints. I have AC drives that can produce an unlimited amount of power to move robots. Imagine two magnets, try to put the north side to the south side, it is almost impossible. Now imagine that power in an elbow joint or a knee. The power for these AC flux drives comes from re-using the power of the movement itself. No energy is ...

What problem does your design idea solve?
What are the potential benefits?
How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
Where would this idea be applied?
What is the market potential?
How does your design work?
How would your product be manufactured?
How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?

1. It helps retailers and supermarkets compete with each other, in real time. The more competition will make the prices lower for the consumers. The prices change automatically (if code is written for the store), so you don't need people to put stickers up for every time you want to change the price or put something on ...

An innovative air conditioning thermostat has been designed to use natural evaporation to reduce operating costs while increasing comfort.

There are currently two main types of air conditioner thermostats on the market today. Each has its drawbacks. The constant temperature with differential cycles the air conditioner on and off in response to the room temperature. It is locked in to either too cold or too hot, waste energy or decrease comfort. The setback thermostat is basically a constant temperature with a timer where other temperatures can be set on a programmed basis. It has the same problems only multiple times. The thermostat described here uses the latest in technology to far surpass any thermostat on the market today.

The ...

EnviroSynth is an analogue music synthesizer aimed at the renewable energy/educational electronics market. It consists of 2 Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs), 1 four-channel Mixer, 1 Filter and 1 Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA). These are built entirely in analogue electronic hardware, and are based on a low power, intuitive and easily expandable and maintainable design. The music synthesizer also includes a keyboard input controller (KIC) and a Renewable Power Management System (RPMS) and these parts are implemented on a digital PIC microcontroller.

The VCO PCB consists of 2 Voltage Controlled Oscillators oriented one above the other; this PCB produces the original sawtooth and pulse waveforms that can then be mixed, shaped and/or amplified by the Mixer/VCA/Filter PCB. The 2 Hand ...

The MEAS Model 140 inline DC amplifier module is an advancement in sensor signal conditioning.

Measurement Specialties'patent pending technology allows users to get rid of those pesky zero offsets from their pressure transducer, load cell, or accelerometer locally or remotely - right before you start taking data. Finally, the zero means zero reference. As a result, one can now apply more gain to the sensor output for maximum signal to noise ratio without wasting voltage span in the data acquisition front end. The amplifier module offers five manual gain settings from 10x to 200x, with gain accuracy of ±0.5% and bandwidth to 100kHz. It weighs 33 grams and small enough to fit inside your palm.

Operators can actuate the ...

When power companies distribute electrical power to their customers, they are dealing with conflicting requirements:

On the one hand, it is desirable to maintain the highest line voltage that the distribution system itself can safely handle, due to the following facts.

Higher line voltage means that more power is instantaneously available and there is less prospect of line voltage decreasing to the point where customer equipment malfunctions or is even damaged.

Higher voltage also makes more efficient use of the grid infrastructure since far more energy can be transferred without increasing ohmic resistance losses.

On the other hand, we have the conflicting requirement that devices should only be run at the lowest practical voltage because:

As per the federal government indoor air quality studies, it is determined the quality of air inside a home is up to 50 times more polluted when compared to outside air like in a park. The major reason for this, to contain the heat, the home is tightly insulated. All the chemicals/ fumes used to clean the house are entrapped. The dust particles build up in the air distribution duct work. We are supposed to clean the duct work at least once in a year. But most of us do not do it. Therefore, accumulated dust particles are circulating in the house. Cigarette smoking, pets hair/dandruff, fumes emitted by furniture, cooking process, bathroom cleaning chemical fumes all contributes to ...

Computer or Internet video is compressed video in an Elementary Stream. Broadcast video is compressed video in an Elementary Stream wrapped inside an MPEG-2 Transport Stream. Broadcast Decoders do not recognize Elementary Stream video as valid and can not decode it due to the lack of an MPEG-2 Transport Stream. There is no device available on the market that can take an Elementary Stream and add a Transport Stream wrapper. Capability to add the MPEG-2 Transport Stream Wrapper to an existing Elementary Stream would make all computer or Internet video capable of being used live for Broadcast video.A standalone device needs to be developed that can input an Elementary Stream compressed video and output that Elementary Stream with an ...

Every day we receive calls to our mobile phones where we don’t know the exact location of the person calling.

My idea is when we receive the call from an unknown person we can track that person from where he is calling through GPRS navigation system and Google maps in our mobile phone.

It is very simple. Once the call ends we have to go to Google maps and an app which supports the tracking facility through GPRS of the mobile number which helps to find the exact location of the person anywhere in the city.

This idea will help all mobile users in the world to track the person's exact location after receiving the call.

This will also help ...

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