This article describes a wearable device for relieving the suffering of thousands of adults and children afflicted with “shaky eye,” also known as “jittery eye” and “dancing eye.” These are shorthand for the medical term,Nystagmus, which is a non-stop, involuntary, rhythmic swaying or twitching of the eyes.

It can be inherited, acquired from a disease or head injury, tumors or toxins, or even an adverse drug reaction. And, depending on the type and severity, this malady can degrade an individual’s quality of life and safety because of reduced vision and depth perception, poor balance and coordination, difficulty reading, denial of a driver license, etc.

There is no cure for most types, so specialists attempt to relieve symptoms through months ...

Linac-MR systems are poised to revolutionize radiation cancer therapy in the very near future. These systems will allow real-time 3D tracking during radiation therapy in order to optimize the radiation delivery to the cancer tumor, while the patient moves and breathes (something not possible with current technologies). The first linac-MR systems are currently being developed, and use a 6 MV linear accelerator (linac) to generate the x-rays needed to kill cancer in radiotherapy. In order to take full advantage of this new technology, however, higher x-ray energies are also needed for the optimal treatment of all cancers; more than half of all cancer patients are currently treated with higher energies using conventional technologies. Current high-energy linacs are large, complicated, ...

This is a helping tool for the blind. In this technology a blind person will wear the technology around his neck. This would basically be a combination of cameras and optical range finders to detect and map the surroundings of the person as he walks around a new location. As we have the map of a place ,we can use virtual markers to navigate the person to a location of his choice like the place where he keeps his medicines or other important items.

This would be great medical tool to help the blind navigate new places.

This can also be coupled with NFC technology. Here this device will download the map of a particular area (room)from ...

Smart Wheel Chair is a smarter solution for people with lower limb impairment to be more independent in doing their day to day activities. The person can remotely operate his powered wheelchair using a smart phone, hereby making him move freely in and around the house without the assistance of a second person. The smart wheel chair is also equipped with a patient monitoring system, which constantly monitors the 9 vital sciences. When any abnormality is detected it alerts the caretaker by sending a message to his phone and also sends the geo-location to a website which alerts the nearby hospitals and ambulance services. It also has an on-board obstacle avoidance system which stops the wheel chair automatically when ...

Applied Silicone announces a sterilizable delivery system that will allow EtO sterilization of the pre-filled dual syringe and deliver small quantities of the sterile liquid silicone rubber (LSR) directly to the point of treatment in minimally invasive medical procedures.

The pre-filled LSR Dual-Syringe Delivery System can be sterilized by EtO offering the convenience of a ready-to-use system and the reliability of controlled delivery for sterile, medical grade silicone elastomer not available previously. Sterile LSR meeting the requirements of ISO 10993 for permanent implantation is delivered directly to the surgical site.

Sterilization by EtO has been made possible through the use of a proprietary syringe design and composition, which permits the gas to enter and exit the filled syringe without ...

In the world today, people are having to wear those tacky sunglasses just to be able to go outside. Then once it gets too hot, they go for a swim with those weird looking water goggles. Introducing the new Sun and Waterproof contacts. These make it so that when you go out in public, you put them on your eyes and it blocks out the sun while it does not mess up your vision. Then when you go for a swim, they won't fall out and will try to make it easier to see under water.

How it Works

The contacts have a tinted plastic so it blocks out the sun. To make it waterproof, we just added bits ...

A Portable Emergency Ventilator (PEV) is a device that provides ventilation to a person who is incapable of breathing on his or her own. The device’s ability to provide air to a patient’s lungs could potentially save a patient’s life in an emergency situation if the device is working properly. However, the human respiratory system is sensitive and can easily be damaged by such a device. The size and strength of a person’s lung is dependent on the person’s age and health. Therefore, if the device is not correctly calibrated or designed, it could over-inflate the lungs of a patient or allow the lungs to collapse.

In the early 1990’s Jeff Gutterman and Roman Press developed a PEV called ...

IMMUNE*IZ EDITION (pronounced Immune-Eyes)

CONTEST ENTRY: Augmented Reality for Business - The BROWZ*A/R (Immune*IZ Edition)

Augmented-Reality for Hospital and Lab EQUIPMENT DATA;
Augmented-Reality for Hospital and Public SAFETY Standards (OSHA,FDA,etc)

According to OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Hazard Agency, personal injury cases exceeded 13 million in 2013, and workzone inspections found 80,000 health and safety violations at businesses across the nation. Naturally, people want to avoid injuries and businesses want to avoid fines. The Browz*A/R uses augmented-reality to display safety data and control machines, diagnostic devices and robots. It can protect people from painful injury and businesses from painful fines ...

The OmniSign is the world's first all-in-one wireless vital signs monitor. It has the ability to wirelessly measure and record all four vital signs in one application. The OmniSign uses highly specific and specialized sensors to methodically and accurately measure the most important physiologic components of the human body. The OmniSign will function on a rechargeable lithium ion battery and utilize both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. The device will also be able to wirelessly transmit and upload the recorded data into the respective patient's electronic medical chart.

The device will be manufactured domestically with a company that specializes in both electronic and mechanical medical devices. We plan to market the product both domestic and internationally, with several production models ...

TheTrumanStudio presents
The Sparco® Wheelchair Seat

Jacob Inspired - Jacob is a young man with Muscular Dystrophy and has the heart of a lion. His family is a prime example of power wheel chair consumers. His father Doug is a software engineer who would discuss the pros and cons of Jacob's wheelchair construction. I noticed the seat cushion base and seat back was a very antiquated and cheap foam pad. I knew we could develop an improved cushion inspired by automotive technology with improved comfort at a much lower cost than currently available for electric wheelchairs.

Research - The family demonstrated how they travel with Jacob, loading and unloading the chair in several vehicles and sometimes exposing ...

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