Asthma is increasing in all cities of all industrial nations. Asthma affects kids to all ages. The sickness & deaths are increasing all over. Inhalers are the preferred devices for lung drug delivery. Unfortunately, patients are unhappy with inhalers. There are 2 types of inhalers -- MDI (metered dose inhaler) with a propellant & DPI (dry powder inhaler) with no propellants. Propellants are polluting, may be ozone depleting. DPI sprays the powder as spray. Both are not deep inhaling.

Idea: Why not a deep, easy inhaling nonpolluting low cost devices for all ages?

We need to change the design for easy inhalation.

The Device:
It has a body with a small narrow mouthpiece holding a capsule. It has ...

Approximately 11% of the global burden of disease can be addressed with surgery. However, due to lack of necessary equipment, many cases go undone and those that are done are compromised by lack of adequate monitoring. Furthermore, a low cost, ubiquitous monitoring can also help identify at-risk patients before their condition becomes intractable, and possibly save many lives before they even get to a hospital not just in the United States, but all over the world.

We intend to build a non-contact patient monitor based on a webcam that can detect heart rate, respiratory rate, and arterial blood oxygen saturation without patient contact, which will be a transformative advance in this setting as it requires no disposable supplies. This ...

My design idea/invention has a 100% success rate for the alleviation of foot pain as described by the 10 people who have used my home built prototypes. Also, test subjects who previously suffered from other ailments such as diabetic neuropathy, foot pain from arthritis, occular myathemia gravis, and tenosynovitis had documented benefits from the use of my prototypes.

The benefits of my idea include: no batteries are required, zero maintenance once placed into either shoes as inserts or as built into shoes themselves. There are no other products available that delivers electric pulse therapy to the patient while the patient walks or runs, and without any sensation that electrical pulses are being delivered to the bottom of the patient's ...

Abstract- Due to limitations such as health problems like heart diseases, joint problems, aging problems we have designed & manufactured an automated machine named “Motorized Passive Exercising Setup For Diabetic Patients” which will get the exercise done from a patient. And we have found that it is easier for them to exercise & keep glucose level in control.

The three cornerstones in the treatment of diabetes are food, medications and physical activity/exercise. Out of these three factors physical exercise is most important factor to keep glucose level under control. The diabetic patients follow the diet and take proper medication but most patients avoid the daily exercise. Almost 60% of human body weight is located in the lower part of body ...

The global population of people older than 60 years will more than double, from 542 million in 1995 to ~1.2 billion in 2025, and these people need dedicated Elderly Care, because many of them suffer from physical and mental decline. Now the ideas of “ubiquitous computing” and “Internet-of-things” as supportive means for Elderly Care are not feasible for the masses, because of their prohibitively expensive realizations in the limited number of various home electronics only and impossibility to apply for non-electronic home appliances like pharmaceutical substances.

Proposed Solution:
The proposed idea consists of using: (a) cheap re-programmable NFC (near field communication) smart tags on the passive pillboxes or active “smart” patches, (b) usual NFC-enabled smartphone, (c) mobile application ...

Physical therapy has an important role in public health. Millions of US dollars are spent every year for physical therapy to help people recover from injuries, help the elderly in chronical pain and help correct muscle growth and posture for children. Medical devices for electrotherapy, are high cost, complex and need a lot of education to use. To receive physical therapy people must go to specialised institutions, which cost time and money. The goal of this project and the final realisation, is to make a universal, safe, low cost, easy to operate, powerful device for everybody , for any place.

Targeted population: People with muscle, joints and bone injuries, elders, children, athletes, therapist, military, home ...


Keeping in mind the present situation of our country with heavy population, crowd, queues, we have designed this small foldable chair with more stability and can be used in all situations and by all level people.
1. Model designed using metal(iron) sheet
2. Model designed using stain less steel
3. Model designed using ply wood

The first model and the second model are welded and screwed using iron and stainless sheets and pipes. And the third model is made using plywood and pipes using screw method.


In this foldable chair the plates are assembled upside and downside. Iron pipes are fixed in order ...

ProstaGlove® is a novel medical device designed to measure prostate volume and enable calculation of PSA Density, which can be used to identify men with elevated PSA who are at high risk for clinically significant prostate cancer who should be recommended for Prostate Biopsy, saving billions of dollars through avoided biopsies and reduced overtreatment of non-aggressive prostate cancer.

The Opportunity
Most males are screened for prostate cancer using PSA beginning at age 50. Men with PSA > 4.0 ng/ml (2.5 in in a risk group) are referred for prostate biopsy. Approximately 75% of prostate biopsies are negative, i.e. patients do not have prostate cancer. With approximately 1.1M prostate biopsies performed in the U.S., an estimated $1.2B is spent in ...

I would love to see what is behind me. For conventional glasses, the far left and far right of the lens is seldom used. If we make that portion partially reflective as seen by the eye we can expand our vision to the rear on both sides. Now, by slightly turning my head to the side I can see behind ...

A self-inflating tourniquet that combines a pneumatic cuff with a life jacket inflator.

The inflator has an integral pressure regulator reducing CO2 bottle pressure to a constant 7psi.

Once wrapped around the bleeding limb the toggle is pulled and the cuff automatically inflates, cutting off blood flow. The remaining CO2 in the gas cylinder maintains pressure even if the cuff has suffered minor damage.

It is far faster than all existing systems and should lead to many lives being ...

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