Workstation for Cardiothoracic Surgery

The present invention relates to a Workstation for cardiothoracic surgery, and more particularly, the present invention relates to an improved sternal retractor having various attachments there on for assisting a surgeon during a cardiothoracic surgery.

This is a novel concept of a Work Station for Surgeon for conduct of Surgery especially Cardiothoracic Surgery. The Work Station will essentially consist of an instrument to distract the midline incision, sternal blades with clip on 'U' shaped frame to act as railing for a number of applications .The sternal retractor will have a two way distraction system as opposed to the one way distraction system of the existing Finocheitto type retractor . The sternal retractor will have sensors ...

PROPOSED CANCER CELL DATABASE (Subjected to the researchers input and modifications.)
1. Build a cancer Facebook type database of all information known about cancer cells.
2. Each country’s cancer research group is responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of their data.
3. The database will be open to all peoples on a read-only-basis.
4. An electron microscope picture of the cell; the receptors on the outside of a cancer cell; wall characterization; and the contents inside of the cell will describe Cancer cells.
5. The description process will be modified as the science advances.
6. Research scientists will be responsible for their database elements, but the database is designed for inclusiveness.
7. The database ...

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