A thermochromic fiber has been developed that can be woven into clothing by an Australian research and development company and it's available for immediate production. The fiber composition can be fine-tuned to cover a narrow band of temperature variations which translates the minute temperature differences of anything it touches such as skin.

Similar to the Liquid Encapsulated Crystal paints hospitals used to paint skin observing color changes to find tumors over a decade ago, this invention refers to a fabric pullover or sweater made from fibers tuned to react to 98.6 through 102.0 degrees Fahrenheit (or other limits for other purposes) slipped on by a patient making it easy to visibly identify infections under the skin, tumors, etc. without ...

The UroCycler Automatic Bladder Management System serves indwelling catheterized patients as a magnetic prosthetic sphincter system which allows their bladder to function in a normal cyclic manner. This is important because, without the UroCycler, more than 99,000 American children and adults die each year from fatal catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) . The cost of this morbidity statistic to our USA healthcare system exceeds $1.9-Billion annually. Indwelling catheter users of all ages,race, gender, etc. are vulnerable to chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs), of which about 900,000 are reported in America each year. The medical bills for this problem exceed $10-Billion annually.

The key component, a unique, very low pressure-sensitive magnetic valve,is attached to the proximal end of the indwelling ...

The Problem:
The current catheterization procedure for a Mitrofanoff urostomy is to use a catheter and a syringe, emptying the bladder one syringeful at a time, uncoupling, emptying into a bowl, recoupling and drawing the next syringeful. The biggest risk is spilling urine next to the patient, likely onto a bed. The Mitrofanoff utilizes stomach tissue grafted into the bladder, increasing urine volume but also introducing mucous into the urine, which if not flushed out, can cause bladder stones or infections. This sediment is usually removed by a complicated irrigation technique, where the trick is to keep clean all implements clean that introduce fluid into the bladder for flushing. It gets complicated quickly.

The Solution:
UroPal is a ...

A method based on chemical engineering science has been developed to an extent to aid providers and patients to monitor and control disease using Smart Phones. This proprietary method has been developed by myself and tested. It works very well in a select application developed so far. I think it can be invaluable for patients to exercise self-regulation to control medicinal doses in response to observed effects. This control can avoid excursions that lead to deteriorating health. The method allows patients to monitor aspects of their life style that are shown to directly affect their illness in the best way possible.

The patient can do this themselves using a Smart Phone or similar device. Physicians should be very interested ...

VibeTech would like to help those individuals who are living with impaired mobility by giving them a fighting chance at restoring lost strength and function. For too long, it has been generally accepted that age-related decline is an inevitable process that cannot be slowed. It is time to break the downward health cycle and the misconception that quality of life needs to diminish as we grow old. VibeTech is in the business of enabling even those with the most severe physical limitations the opportunity to experience and benefit from a new era of technology that restores strength and function.

The VibeTech One activates muscle fibers throughout ...

Wound care globally is a $20B industry with advanced wound care at $7B and a forecasted growth of 5% annually, according to a 2014 report by Global Industry Analysts Inc. Growth is primarily driven by diabetic ulcers, leg vein and pressure ulcers, burns and an aging population 6.5M people in the US alone, are afflicted by chronic and advanced wounds with an average cost/patient of $4000. With complications, this can sky rocket to $70,000 , and Medicare and some health insurance companies are currently denying claims for preventable complications.

Vivex-Cel is a patent pending topical wound recovery device designed to cost-effectively speed chronic wound recovery, while reducing pain and infection, enhancing recovery and, decreasing the demands on medical professionals, ...

It is an idea which I thought of at the hospital by seeing one person, he had good speech by birth, but due to an accident he had lost his speaking capabilities. In that moment I got an idea to build a device that gives an artificial voice with their own knowledge of words they thought. 

The number of accidentally lost speaking ability patients has increased tremendously when compared to the past. According to the 2008 Census, there are approximately 81, 73, 600 patients in only in US. They find great difficulty in speaking. So, it is necessary to aid them in overcoming this difficulty. Taking this as the problem statement, a proposal ...

W.A.N.D (Wound Analysis Device) is capable of analyzing wounds using Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging Technique (LSCI). This device consists of 14 lasers of different wavelengths viz,650,785,850,980 nm. These lasers illuminates the region of interest (wound) sequentially and the camera captures the images. From the acquired images, processing is done using MATLAB software to produce an image of relative blood flow velocity of that area.

W.A.N.D is designed to produce perfusion maps and help the doctors in analyzing the progressive healing of wounds over a period of time. Doctors can also predict the effect of drugs being administered on the patient in the healing of wounds by monitoring the wound and taking its images regularly using WAND.

W.A.N.D is being ...


• What problem does your design idea solve?
I'm a seventy four year old veteran. I use a walking cane. I see a lot of vets that use a walking device and I ask them why they need it. Most, myself included, complain about joint pain, the knees the hips the lower back and the shoulders, not muscle pain. When I use a cane I just seem to shift the discomfort to a less painful place. The weight of the body seems to be the key factor on my ageing joints.

This device will take some of the weight of the body off all the joints and allow a high degree of mobility with less pain.

• ...

This device is for the transmission of energy to the electrical system of the body via wireless inductive coupling. It is designed to serve in several capacities:

1. A source of stable amplitude on a particular vector to neuronal tissues of the body without surgical invasion.
2. A means of resonant coupling from an external circuital device of a characteristic frequency such that energy is transferred sympathetically (wirelessly) to neuronal tissues.
3. A method of using the magnetic potential of the human body to tune the external device via feedback so that the transfer is more efficient and power regulated to the inductive “draw” of current the neuronal cells require.

In each of the capacities, it is used in ...

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