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The exigent global energy shortage and air pollution problem is also affecting our prosperity. One way to address both of these issues is to make carbon-fuel-utilization more efficient.

NFTG is developing several extremely-robust, low-friction, highly-scalable & configurable, pure-rotary Positive-Displacement devices based in a very simple symmetric architecture which lack the drawbacks of other rotary and piston devices. Our devices can be used as a heat engines, compressors, pumps, expanders, torque multipliers, couplers, etc. capable of operating at any speed up to ?100,000rpm range in near vibration-less operation, enabling gas and steam turbine replacement.

Ducted-Blade-Rotary[DBR] is a novel rotary-vane device that incorporates rotary turbine and Positive-Displacement concepts into a single design. Generation-3 is on the drawing-board!

DBR characteristics & features ...

My solution to the zebra mussels clogging up the drainage pipes is to install Teflon or plastic liners, thereby making it difficult for them to attach to said pipes. On Navy ships this would be a great benefit to the various sea chests located on the bottom of every ship. With funding a study can be made to see which plastic works best under various conditions and also allows for chemical changes to be made to the plastic that will not be harmful to other marine life. City and town drainage systems would also ...

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