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Abstract: At present, there does not exist in the market a low orbit, generic and inexpensive platform from which to conduct scientific research of the upper atmosphere. Such a platform has to have instrumental flexibility and a reliable communications link,

I am an aerospace designer and I have worked in the aerospace and defense industries for over 15 years, with companies including Phoenix Unidynamics, Goodyear Aerospace, and General Pneumatics. I have collaborated on projects that include components for the AIM 9 “Sidewinder” air-to-air missile, the Space Shuttle,

Milner Motors AirCar Dare to Imagine the Future!
500 miles. 3 hours door-to-door. Anytime.

The AirCar is a completely self-contained four-door,

I designed one small quadcopter that is useful for defense as well as aerospace. The design of quodcopter is that it's a simple quodcopter and we built one camera on it. That camera connected with our mobile to see the video or result it is wirless network.

Now days hijacking and failure of the airlines are increased. As we can see them in recent events. But my system will definitely knock out the problems of such incidents.

The US Army is in the process of consolidating its rotorcraft fleet under the Future Vertical Lift program. Under this program, the Heavy version will be a two-rotor replacement for the CH-47 Chinook,

There a long history of space vehicles which use boosters to enable a smaller vehicle to reach greater performance. Stages can also help a business plan for aerospace. Private space ventures often wind up on the rocks of bankruptcy.

Imagine, you’re an astronaut and you have just landed on the surface of the moon or Mars, and you need to repetitively travel between the interior of your inflatable airlock and the harsh surface environment to conduct an experiment. It isn’

To date armour systems are typically homogenous in construction (i.e. a monolithic plate) and the localised deformation associated with projectile penetration does not take advantage of the entire strength of the armour piece. The armour system of this proposal is a composite metallic structure which has been named “plymetal.”

Theorem #1: Next Generation Specialized Transporter (NGST) is a Military Special Operations Transport (SOT), NASA Special Satellite Mechanics/Special Repair Team Transport (SMT/SRT), and Commercial Special Transport (ST) all weather all terrain nuclear energy powered engines self-regenerated fuels, retractable wheeled-ski landing airframe replaces refuel-able cars, trucks, buses,

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