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The idea developed focuses on power production to help produce an efficient system that helps reduce operation costs and also is green at the same time. The ideas employs modules that follow a certain principle to help produce electricity from heat.

The present invention in general relates to a vertical and short take-off and landing aircraft(V/STOL) comprising a novel adjustable multi-dimensional propeller that is capable of vertical take-off and includes a fuselage without control surfaces, apart from the present day conventional airplane.

Evacuation slides in airplanes are only used for evacuating people during an emergency situation. My idea is to use these slides to save people from an airplane crash as well as to identify the spot where the plane has crash landed.

Problem Statement

Today most of the transportation systems are based on non-renewable energy resources and also calls global warning, air pollution, noise pollution in addition requires a specific path to travel. The most of power wastes into to overcome the frictional force, drag force etc.

This project started as a final thesis on aerospace engineering bachelor's degree. The objective was to create something that could be built with current technologies and promoted and motivated further development on electric vehicles.

Trasgo can achieve the same speed and manoeuvres as any internal combustion aerobatic aircraft.

“One of the greatest challenges of the past half century for aerodynamics engineers has been how to increase the top speeds of aircraft that take off and land vertically without compromising the aircraft's lift to power in hover or its efficiency during long-range flight.”

The Triple Fuselage Flying Wing concept takes the idea of an aircraft built in the shape of one large wing to a new level. The idea of the triple fuselage is using multiple, in this case three, standard tube fuselages and building a flying wing body structure surrounding them.

The aim of this project is to support search and rescue missions with gesture controlled swarms of aerial and ground based robots. Search and rescue operations in scenarios such as earthquakes, gas leaks and fire outbreaks today face some major challenges,

This proposes the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to aid in the detection and location of downed aircraft in a search and rescue scenario. Developments and innovations in the utilization of autonomous,

Such a big flying car would be big and heavy so need a lot of wing area, it means big and long wings to provide enough lift needed for flying. The wings aerodynamics lift center must be near the plane mass center,

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