Aerospace & Defense

Conventional helicopters usually represent a compromise between hovering capabilities and cruise speed. While many new configurations are aimed at improving the speed and maneuverability, such as tilt-rotors and compound helicopters, few of them attempt to increase the load lifting capabilities in hover.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) protocol for to disentangle neural correlates of phenomenal from access consciousness vision.
From healthy persons to smart devices, through brain–computer interfaces (BCIs) to people in vegetative states and intraneural interfaces implants on human amputees,

American weapons sometimes fall into the hands of our enemies. Whether this is a jet, a tank, a howitzer, a truck, a Stinger missile, a TOW missile, a Javelin missile, a JDAM, a machine gun, a battlefield laser, a night vision system, or a bomb, etc.,

Enduralock, LLC was founded in 2010 by Dr. Harold Hess, Jonathan Hess, and Diana Hess. Our technology was invented to permanently lock a spinal implant to avoid loosening. This technology has been validated at 5 million cycles of compression and torque testing, and is currently utilized in the Minuteman®

Commercial air travel is thriving today, thanks to general aviation (GA). Most commercial pilots are trained in GA airplanes, and most innovations originate in GA's experimental aircraft, years ahead of certified aircraft.

The next major shift in aviation is electric flight.

I have designed a space settlement entitled "Eros Outer Atmosphere Settlement." It consists of temporary and permanent residential bases built on the Near Earth Asteroid 433 Eros. The design also includes factories, storage areas, hospitals etc on the asteroid.

Explosive Material Identification from a Distance (EMID)

EMID is possible using our Remote Explosive Detection System (REDS) which interrogates the distant unknown suspect material using a high flux pulsed neutron beam,

My design Expo RXC-1 is basically a flying car which can fly as well as can be driven on the road. I have designed this machinery specifically for Aerospace & Defense.

Aflex has been trying to introduce their patented externally convoluted, internally smooth bore hoses into the Aerospace sector for several years.

Flexibility and smoothbore: The PTFE liner is of a unique form with external convolutions to provide excellent flexibility,

Flying train is a very advanced version of advanced maglev Train. As we all know, maglev elevated train is one of the fastest trains in the world.
FLYING Train is which can be used in Interplanetary travel with lost cost without any rocket.

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