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Conventional helicopters usually represent a compromise between hovering capabilities and cruise speed. While many new configurations are aimed at improving the speed and maneuverability, such as tilt-rotors and compound helicopters, few of them attempt to increase the load lifting capabilities in hover. The proposed system uses a novel approach to provide efficient load lifting capabilities while maintaining a high efficiency in cruise: the large rotor required to perform heavy lift is replaced by two or more unmanned electric airplanes flying in circle, tethered to the payload.

Electric conductors are included in the tethers to transfer electric power from the payload to the aircraft. Such architecture allows the airplanes to be light since no energy source is stored on-board ...

Electroencephalogram (EEG) protocol for to disentangle neural correlates of phenomenal from access consciousness vision.
From healthy persons to smart devices, through brain–computer interfaces (BCIs) to people in vegetative states and intraneural interfaces implants on human amputees, the EEG technique promise a popular and cheap avenue of new tools to improve human life. In particular, in the case of our experimental protocol people with varying degrees of vision from almost none to normal vision through the amblyopia.

Our goal is to design two EEG experiments and analyze the related behavioral data in order to obtain empirical evidence that visual phenomenal consciousness is distinct from visual access consciousness : distinct neuroelectric signals. Access, we hope to show, is not constitutive of ...

American weapons sometimes fall into the hands of our enemies. Whether this is a jet, a tank, a howitzer, a truck, a Stinger missile, a TOW missile, a Javelin missile, a JDAM, a machine gun, a battlefield laser, a night vision system, or a bomb, etc., it is a terrible circumstance when our weapons are used against us or our allies.

By including a hidden and disguised wireless receiver integrated into the weapon’s electronics, a remote wireless fail safe encrypted signal can disable an individual weapon rendering it unusable. Such a signal must be unscanable. If a transceiver and a GPS system is embedded within the weapon, the weapon can be interrogated to communicate its GPS location and ...

Enduralock, LLC was founded in 2010 by Dr. Harold Hess, Jonathan Hess, and Diana Hess. Our technology was invented to permanently lock a spinal implant to avoid loosening. This technology has been validated at 5 million cycles of compression and torque testing, and is currently utilized in the Minuteman® by Spinal Simplicity™, which is being implanted in patients in Europe, Israel, and the U.S. Spinal Simplicity™ was granted FDA 510(k) approval for the Minuteman® in January 2015.

We are now extending this technology into other industrial applications commencing with aerospace and expanding to oil and gas, construction, infrastructure, railway, and automotive. The technology provides for a positive locking, vibration proof fastener that is easily reversible and reusable using Enduralock's ...

Commercial air travel is thriving today, thanks to general aviation (GA). Most commercial pilots are trained in GA airplanes, and most innovations originate in GA's experimental aircraft, years ahead of certified aircraft.

The next major shift in aviation is electric flight. Airbus recently announced their plans to have a certified trainer aircraft available in 2016 in Europe and 2017 in the US. Siemens is developing large electric motors for aircraft propulsion, and several other companies are designing new electric airplanes. Benefits of electrification include dramatically reducing emissions, cutting operating expenses by more than 50%, reducing noise and increasing safety.

Essentially all development in electric flight is following the conventional aircraft layout with the propeller in the ...

I have designed a space settlement entitled "Eros Outer Atmosphere Settlement." It consists of temporary and permanent residential bases built on the Near Earth Asteroid 433 Eros. The design also includes factories, storage areas, hospitals etc on the asteroid. The purpose for the space settlement is because of the changing climatic conditions on Earth, which are causing natural calamities. The settlement will be able to support nearly one million inhabitants from Earth in the first stage.

The design is purely based on facts and figures. The problem of moving Eros is also solved in the design. The place where gravity of sun, moon and earth balance out is called Lagrangian points or commonly called as “L points”. There are basically ...

Explosive Material Identification from a Distance (EMID)

EMID is possible using our Remote Explosive Detection System (REDS) which interrogates the distant unknown suspect material using a high flux pulsed neutron beam, pinging the unknown suspect material thereby creating gamma ray emissions which are then measured along vertical and horizontal axis’s. Assuming a single gamma is produced per neutron impinging upon the target material from the gun. The required flux of gammas needed at the detector to identify materials is X, and since the point source geometry that yields low divergence angle neutron beams at a sufficient stand-off distance occurs with 1/r2 attenuation, the relationship is Flux at the GN (Gun Nozzle) = E(x) 1/r2 ,where r is the standoff ...

My design Expo RXC-1 is basically a flying car which can fly as well as can be driven on the road. I have designed this machinery specifically for Aerospace & Defense.

How does it work:

Motion of RXC:- The motion of RXC should be with two motors - one placed at the back and the other at the front side of the base.

Aeromotion of RXC: The motion of RXC should be with 4 motors each one placed at the diameter(center) of the hollow ring tyres with the propellers.
Tyre support from both at the back and at the front should be more than the length of the propeller.

Reason: if the length of the radius of the propeller ...

Aflex has been trying to introduce their patented externally convoluted, internally smooth bore hoses into the Aerospace sector for several years.

Flexibility and smoothbore: The PTFE liner is of a unique form with external convolutions to provide excellent flexibility, but a smoothbore to provide excellent flow and minimal pressure loss for a given size.

Aflex’s externally convoluted, internally smooth patented products main advantages.
• Better flexibility
• Improved flow rate
• Reduced weight
• Better effusion resistance
• Improved MWP/burst safety factors

By Way of example an application currently using a -16 typical compliant AS620 hose would achieve the same fluid transfer performance with an Aflex -12 equivalent. Using Aflex -12 product would yield a 48% reduction in weight, ...

Flying train is a very advanced version of advanced maglev Train. As we all know, maglev elevated train is one of the fastest trains in the world.
FLYING Train is which can be used in Interplanetary travel with lost cost without any rocket. It also can be used to country to country travel where airplane service is not good.
This concept is mixing of electrical ,aeronautics and mechanical engineering which going to lead future generations low cost space travel.

The effect of Flying Train:-
1. For travelling one country, continent to other in low time.
2. It can be used for our SPACE travel concept form ground to international space
3. It small scale it can be used ...

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