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Currently, there is a problem getting small satellites into space. If you do not have millions of dollars and years to spare, but want to do something with the "common heritage of mankind" above our heads, you have to build a small, cheap satellite.

The development of an Ornithopter is inspired by a need of intelligent surveillance robots, capable of subtly infiltrating restrained spaces and maneuvering in them without any human assistance, just by using the controllers.

The entry presents the aerodynamic design, mechanical design and prototyping of a unique unmanned aerial platform. This platform is being developed in response to a perceived requirement for a more flexible surveillance and remote sensing platform than is currently available. Missions for such a platform include coastal surveillance,

This project presents the development of an assessment module movement patterns used by unmanned surface vehicles – USVs, to provide support for naval operations. Also,

A Twin shrouded manned aerial vehicle has been fabricated from the combination of springtail and martin jetpacks. This made the system more advanced and controls feasible. The dynamic flight model, which can be run in real time, includes the reactions from ducted-fans, aircraft body aerodynamics, control surfaces,

Problem Statement:
NASA currently is working on their Highway in the Sky software to designate roads in the sky. The software appears to be missing one piece of the puzzle that is critical to it's success. The problem is that in the event of a crash scenario,

The double layer chamber was designed to provide an industrial solution to chemical processes when preserving tough technical standards is a must in order to keep the contained fluid (most of them are new biofuels) free of undesired stain and contaminants which sometimes are generated inside the tanks that

EAML System (Employing Air Molecules as Lenses);
To Enhance Laser Beams in Laser Weapons against
Terrorists Attacks:

Bubbles in a kettle of boiling water, droplets on a sweaty room window
and dew droplets on leaves and flowers, all of them, can act as natural

This project proposes an improved Green Taxiing system focused around the landing gear. Because single-aisle aircraft should represent 70% of the deliveries over the next 20 years, a typical 200-passenger aircraft,

Efficient propulsion for a stratospheric aerial relay aircraft (SARA) is described from the perspective of prior art. Aircraft such as the E-11A, EQ-4B, Grob Stratos 2C, Egrett G520, U2, and WB-57 are stratospheric cruisers with endurance from 7-32 hours.

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