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I have developed an integrated communications and control system for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that utilizes automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) technology. The system addresses safety concerns relating to UAS sharing airspace with traditional manned aircraft. This state-of-the-art system is capable of real-time situational awareness (e.g., air traffic, weather), updates in three-dimensional trajectories, and can be reengineered for specific mission operations and applications, giving the user a customized experience. The ADS-B system detects and tracks intruders; evaluates and prioritizes threats; declares and determines required action, and then communicates the determined action to the UAS pilot. The system’s ability to integrate various components for enhanced communications, command-and-control operations, and efficient sense-and-avoid capabilities addresses many of the technical barriers related to ...

The Recent development in the automotive navigation system have rooted the vehicle guidance in the form of satellite navigation system which relies on the network signals transmitted and analyzed by the satellites. The system under observation sends the radio signals that are timed to the nearing radio frequency in the geo-mapping station and transmitted to the satellite for co-ordinate response, which will be displayed in the LCD via user friendly interface.

The problem regarding the GPS (global positioning station) is that the radio signals form a delay of empty voids between them which contributes to loss of original signal, The other problem is the satellite is in continuous motion which usually has 30+-5 millisecond lead with respect to ...

Inductor Jet Engine

A jet engine with no moving parts. Compression is achieved by extracting 60% or more of the exhaust energy and injecting it directly into the incoming air stream to induce and compress the intake air. The intake air's kinetic energy is converted to pressure in a divergent zone. Fuel is added and the expanding gases exit the larger area at the rear of the combustion zone.

This type of engine would need a large volume of compressed air to get it started. There could be multiple re circulation (extraction and injection) pathways where the exhaust energy is pumped into the compression zone at specific stages to achieve higher compression ratios. Heat from the re-circulated exhaust adds ...

A heavy lifting rocket launcher using a 10,000' vertical shaft and a water reservoir.

The Kidd Creek mine in Ontario, Canada has reached a depth of about 10,000'. It is an active mine with about 10 to 20 years of life left. It started as an open pit operation and has continued as an underground operation.

This rocket launcher basically consists of a shaft of approximately 100' diameter sunk to a depth of 10,000' under an existing open pit. The open pit is filled with water. The steel lined shaft would connected at the bottom to drifts (tunnels) or open stopes of a large dimension sloping upward to another shaft of about 30' diameter.

The spacecraft would be lowered ...

Solving propulsion problems by not using external thrust drives.
Benefits include no drive wheel cars, no props or jet boats or aircraft, no emission space.
It is novel because it is the only controlled kinetic energy propulsion system.
This is applied to all moving craft to make all other propulsion systems obsolete.
The product works by using multiple pendulums generate controlled directional forces with increased momentum using inertia and the same power.
The product is manufactured in a machine shop.
The product is lower in coast to produce, install and ...

NASA seeks to license its Layered Composite Insulation (LCI) technology for use in commercial applications. Designed by the Cryogenics Test Laboratory at the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida, this easy-to-use system can benefit multiple industries that depend on regulation of low temperatures in equipment and products. The synergistic effect of improvements in materials, design, and manufacture of this new insulation technology exceeds the performance of current multilayered insulation (MLI) or foam insulation products.

This new piping insulation can provide cost-saving and product loss-prevention benefits to companies that transfer fluids such as liquefied natural gas, refrigerants, chilled water, crude oil, or low-pressure steam as well as to transport companies that move refrigerated containers by land and sea ...

The work involves design and manufacturing of a wheel for an All-Terrain Vehicle using a Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) material. The main aim is to replace the conventional Aluminium alloy wheel with that of a lightweight alternative. GFRP is one such lightweight alternative, with fiber glass reinforcement and epoxy matrix, coming under the composites category which has high strength to weight ratio. With GFRP, a 30% weight reduction was achieved.

For any vehicle, it is required to minimize the unsprung mass constituting it, for good handling and control. Also decreasing the weight is an added advantage when it comes to reducing fuel consumption. Since the design involves prior knowledge about various details regarding an automobile, like the location ...

A lot of action is taking place to find 100LL replacement for GA aircrafts. This includes EPA testing four new unleaded fuel blends and some aircraft manufacturers installing compression ignition engines that will use Jet A fuel.

In my opinion there is a simple alternative that will substantially reduce conversion cost & will result in lower operating costs when compared to above two alternatives.

Consider using LPG (liquid Propane). This fuel is abundantly available and is at half the price of Jet A fuel. All it takes is to convert fuel system on existing SI piston engine to LPG port injection and install LPG tanks. No change in engine mounts, no engine cooling radiator. Current ...

This design is a ruggedized, secure computer cube called Lockbox™. It is able to securely store data as a desktop All-in-One as well as act as a network attached storage on both LAN and its own Wi-Fi. The current working design of Lockbox is a 6 inch cube, but can be scaled down to as little as a 5 inch cube or built in a rack-able case. It is rucksack operational at 5 lbs. Lockbox is water proof making it able to be transported in any situation. The design of the internal structure cushions the electronics to any external load applied. Lockbox can be dropped from 30 stories, plugged into the dock and operate without a problem. Tests have ...

Low-cost Third Redundancy in Hydraulic Power System

Category: Flight Safety
System: Hydraulic Power
a) Combined ‘controls’ and ‘utility
b) Landing Gear Lowering
The hydraulic power system is designed as a combined ‘controls’ and ‘utility’ system for efficient management .
The ‘utility’ pressure displayed in cockpit drops to zero when there is heavy fluid loss in system which warrants reserving available pressure for ‘controls’, as designed by redundancy system .
This is the result of Isolation Valve closing
This is done by a fluid low level sensor in the bootstrap reservoir which in turn supplies 28V-DC to solenoid of ‘Isolation Valve’ to energise the valve to close.

The utility system pressure being zero now , it ...

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