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The Recent development in the automotive navigation system have rooted the vehicle guidance in the form of satellite navigation system which relies on the network signals transmitted and analyzed by the satellites.

Inductor Jet Engine

A jet engine with no moving parts. Compression is achieved by extracting 60% or more of the exhaust energy and injecting it directly into the incoming air stream to induce and compress the intake air.

A heavy lifting rocket launcher using a 10,000' vertical shaft and a water reservoir.

The Kidd Creek mine in Ontario, Canada has reached a depth of about 10,000'. It is an active mine with about 10 to 20 years of life left.

Solving propulsion problems by not using external thrust drives.
Benefits include no drive wheel cars, no props or jet boats or aircraft, no emission space.
It is novel because it is the only controlled kinetic energy propulsion system.

NASA seeks to license its Layered Composite Insulation (LCI) technology for use in commercial applications. Designed by the Cryogenics Test Laboratory at the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida,

The work involves design and manufacturing of a wheel for an All-Terrain Vehicle using a Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) material. The main aim is to replace the conventional Aluminium alloy wheel with that of a lightweight alternative. GFRP is one such lightweight alternative,

A lot of action is taking place to find 100LL replacement for GA aircrafts. This includes EPA testing four new unleaded fuel blends and some aircraft manufacturers installing compression ignition engines that will use Jet A fuel.

This design is a ruggedized, secure computer cube called Lockbox™. It is able to securely store data as a desktop All-in-One as well as act as a network attached storage on both LAN and its own Wi-Fi.

Low-cost Third Redundancy in Hydraulic Power System

Category: Flight Safety
System: Hydraulic Power
a) Combined ‘controls’ and ‘utility
b) Landing Gear Lowering
The hydraulic power system is designed as a combined ‘controls’ and ‘utility’ system for efficient management .
The ‘utility’

NASA’s Langley Research Center has developed a system to detect and locate atmospheric clear air turbulence (CAT) by means of a ground-based infrasonic array to serve as an early warning system for aircraft. This system could augment existing systems such as pilot reports (PIREPs), airborne lidar,

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