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It is desirable to have free form cores for the sandwich panels. Unfortunately, industry could produce only flat cores, which required shaping to get a desired form.

I had to find out how to redesign of the sells of the cores to make it uniformly bendable, with bonded layers substantially unloaded from the tangential forces.

Now it is possible to switching from production of a row material to production of a ready shells designed to a ...

1. Free energy in true sense to develop powerful laser beam.
2. It is envisioned that the laser beam generator is installed on satellite/ International space station etc in outer space.
3. No battery or conversion of suns light to electrical energy etc.
4. This is true sustainable, renewable energy source in outer sspace.
5. No power electronics and hence highly reliable.
6. Totally passive solution. No moving parts.
7. No dust or degradation of mirrors in outer space.
8. Laser requires a powerful light source-, which can be sun’s, light itself.
9. If monochromatic light is necessary, suitable filter could be used to select specific spectral colour light from the sun’s light.
10. Where the satellite is placed ...

My concept proposes the use of drones to grab fruit from trees. Drone flies up and park on the air near the fruit in such a manner that the fruit enters the mouth of the drone, then using a 360 degree razor blade it separates the fruit from the branch.

The fruits are collected in a net attached to the drone, once the drone reaches ground the net can be removed to get the fruits.

This concept was inspired by kids on roadside throwing stones on a mango tree to catch the falling mangoes.So I thought that there ought to be a better way of grabbing them and invented this.

This technology can be used as ...

Referencing Astro2010: The Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey and 2012 National Research Council report entitled “NASA Space Technology Roadmaps and Priorities: Restoring NASA’s Technological Edge and Paving the Way for a New Era in Space”3, there is a need for large aperture, lightweight mirrors for future UV/Optical telescopes. The cost of current normal incidence space optics is from $4-6 million per square meter of area per Dr. Phil Stahl (NASA SBIR Topic S2.03, 2012). Trex T300HoneySiC is a new zero coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) ceramic matrix composite (CMC) material made by an additive manufacturing (AM) process which has demonstrated feasibility (Technology Readiness Levels 1-5 achieved via Phase I and Phase II SBIR) for ultra-low areal cost, and ultra-low ...

This is a novel adjustable aircraft propeller assembly for multi-dimensional movement and is capable of vertical takeoff and which includes a fuselage without control surfaces. A duct is formed through each wing and a tilt rotor assembly is mounted within the duct for providing downward thrust causing lift. Two circular rings are placed within the duct where the tilt rotor is housed. The tilt rotor assembly is supported by a plurality support struts. Each propeller is mounted on the circular ring and engages with the rotor assembly. The present research uses same tilt rotor assembly to provide vertical takeoff, forward thrust along the longitudinal axis of the aircraft as well as yaw. The tilt rotor assembly includes a drive ...

The invention is about an innovative mechanism for opening and closing of entry/exit hatch of an Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV), which facilitate the crew to access the vehicle. Contemporary AFV has hatches which need to be lifted, traversed and finally lowered to resting position during opening cycle. The closing cycle would be the reverse.

This hatch mechanism is designed in such a way that opening and closing cycles can be performed manually using a single handle. Here, during opening cycle, the hatch will first be lifted by 50mm, then traversed by 120 degree to clear the entry/exit opening and finally lowered by 15mm to rest on the stopper surface. The complete opening cycle can be achieved with ...

Heat Pipes are used as a simple way to reduce temperature inequities and transport heat from hot to colder parts of aerospace structures. By choosing an adequate heat transport mean, arrangement, and thickness, heat pipes could have the added value of shielding crews from ionizing radiation coming from space, and also allow bulding the spaceship or high altitude flying airplanes' structures as single piece hulls, the way ferrocement is used in boats, or composites in aircraft, provided the case the right material for this use is defined and ...

This invention is a training device used to teach military personnel, SWAT teams, firefighters, and other emergency workers how to safely embark and disembark from the skid of a helicopter. It provides the safest and most economical means of teaching this valued skill.

One of the most expedient way to transport law enforcement, SWAT, emergency responders, and military teams to an inaccessible location, such as the top of a building or a location in rugged terrain, is for the team members to step onto the skid of helicopter, be flown to the desired location, and step off the skid onto a suitable surface at the desired location. The process of the team members mounting and dismounting the skid of ...

A Nichrome wire is tightly pulled by two supports. This arrangement is mounted on the outside of the airplane such that airflow is at right angles to the axis of the wire.

At speed, the wire is pulled along by the airflow and exerts force on the supports. This force is measured and correlated to the airspeed as measured by Pitot tube or other airspeed sensors.

The turbulence on the wire vibrates it as well as pulling it along and this is monitored by a microphone in one of the supports. The microphone might be a moving coil dynamic type (very rugged). Spectrum analysis of the turbulence is done by DSP to monitor the condition of the ...


Efficient airplanes is a project about implementation of the technology of hybrid cars used for the Li+ ion battery recharge, in case of hybrid airplanes in order to increase the efficiency of hybrid airplane by providing constant power supply during its flight and recharging the electric power of batteries when the plane is landing so as to reduce the impact on non – conventional methods of rechargement used for recharging its batteries. In order to make this much more applicable in case of hybrid airplanes we proposed two methods for electric power generation namely for the above given purpose -

1) Regenerative Brakes

2) Thermo-electric Generator

These have been currently used in case of hybrid cars in order ...

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