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It is desirable to have free form cores for the sandwich panels. Unfortunately, industry could produce only flat cores, which required shaping to get a desired form.

I had to find out how to redesign of the sells of the cores to make it uniformly bendable,

1. Free energy in true sense to develop powerful laser beam.
2. It is envisioned that the laser beam generator is installed on satellite/ International space station etc in outer space.
3. No battery or conversion of suns light to electrical energy etc.
4. This is true sustainable,

My concept proposes the use of drones to grab fruit from trees. Drone flies up and park on the air near the fruit in such a manner that the fruit enters the mouth of the drone,

Referencing Astro2010: The Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey and 2012 National Research Council report entitled “NASA Space Technology Roadmaps and Priorities: Restoring NASA’s Technological Edge and Paving the Way for a New Era in Space”3, there is a need for large aperture, lightweight mirrors for future UV/Optical telescopes.

This is a novel adjustable aircraft propeller assembly for multi-dimensional movement and is capable of vertical takeoff and which includes a fuselage without control surfaces. A duct is formed through each wing and a tilt rotor assembly is mounted within the duct for providing downward thrust causing lift.

Heat Pipes are used as a simple way to reduce temperature inequities and transport heat from hot to colder parts of aerospace structures. By choosing an adequate heat transport mean, arrangement, and thickness, heat pipes could have the added value of shielding crews from ionizing radiation coming from space,

This invention is a training device used to teach military personnel, SWAT teams, firefighters, and other emergency workers how to safely embark and disembark from the skid of a helicopter. It provides the safest and most economical means of teaching this valued skill.

A Nichrome wire is tightly pulled by two supports. This arrangement is mounted on the outside of the airplane such that airflow is at right angles to the axis of the wire.

At speed, the wire is pulled along by the airflow and exerts force on the supports.


Efficient airplanes is a project about implementation of the technology of hybrid cars used for the Li+ ion battery recharge,

I have developed an integrated communications and control system for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that utilizes automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) technology. The system addresses safety concerns relating to UAS sharing airspace with traditional manned aircraft.

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