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Problem: For all rotary wing devices, propellers, helicopter rotors, wind turbines, etc., there is an optimum twist to the blade for a given flow of air through the rotor disc. In most cases, the chosen twist is not optimum, and further,

Provided by a thermal camera, Volare Dominus unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is capable for surveillance over a big range up to 20 Km. Using Raspberry Pi, aerial photography and video streaming became easier than before.

Range: 20 Km
Endurance: 2 Hr
Payload: 2 Kg

We have chosen to utilize the vortex energy generated at airplane wingtips to generate electricity and power non critical parts of the flight, hence increasing the fuel efficiency.

It is an aspect of wingtip vortices, which has been studied very little in the past.

The design describes a 40-passenger commuter aircraft that has VTOL/STOL capabilities. It has a cruising speed of 400mph and a range of 1000 miles.

The aircraft would open up under-served areas in the United States as well as countries that do not have infrastructure (runways,

Water tunnels have been traditionally used for flow-visualizations in aeronautical applications and more recently in bio-mechanical studies such as swimming of aquatic animals . Their use has been instrumental in understanding important aspects of fluid flows such as instabilities, vortex shedding, boundary layer stability and transition,

WAMPs construction scheme: front located engine, hydromechanical and/or electromechanical diversity transmission , optional modules

Advantages: Low profile (variable), large inside space, high mobility, multitask

Weakness: should be equipped by tires,


BZ200 is a novel, high-performance, thin, lightweight, polarization-insensitive, and wide-angle metamaterial RF absorber. It absorbs up to 99% of electromagnetic waves from 1 to 18 GHz (L to Ku band) as well as 35 and 94 GHz, without scatter.

The single greatest barrier to escaping poverty in Africa is the lack of roads.

Over 600 million people, living on less than $1.25 per day, grow the food they eat and if possible they grow extra crops to pay for clothes, schooling,

Flight passengers having smart phone with WiFi can be identified and in-flight amenities serviced easily and quickly at seat level resolution (0.5m) with 90% accuracy.

The exigent global energy shortage and air pollution problem is also affecting our prosperity. One way to address both of these issues is to make carbon-fuel-utilization more efficient.

NFTG is developing several extremely-robust, low-friction, highly-scalable & configurable,

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