All the components in an automobile are powered by internal combustion engines and thereby reducing its mechanical efficiency. Battery in an automobile is charged with an internal combustion engine with the conversion of mechanical to electrical energy by an alternator also known as generator.

The main idea of this proposal is to provide a pleasant and peaceful hill travel and to avoid any possibility of accidents in hill curves. Hill stations have always been a favorite vacation spots for all age groups. Road was the most commonly used way of journey to highland.

Dual-inverter Precise Power System

Over 8,500 Capstone microturbine generator sets are currently in service. Twelve have been providing continuous precise power to the Syracuse University data center since 2009. As the electricity consumed by the data center becomes heat, substantial cooling is needed.

* NASA Langley Research Center has developed a method of depositing arrays of a ferritin protein on a substrate to create a thin-film electrode for a bio-nanobattery. The NASA Langley developed method is a spin self-assembly procedure. By this procedure,

The monograph of M.G. Noppe
“Fundamentals of nonlinear theory for semiconductor lasers”

Annotation: The monograph presents the nonlinear theory of semiconductor injection lasers, which demonstrates that the gain, two-photon absorption and refraction index in Fabry-Perot semiconductor injection laser,

Original Optical Fiber Core Networks were built along Interstate Highway routes, railway rights of way and in some cases long haul fiber optic infrastructure conduits were built in trenches that also contained natural gas pipelines. Since pipelines can corrode and even explode,

Textiles made of glass fibre yarn are used in various industrial applications, such as furnishing fabrics, as reinforcement in composite materials and as a building material. Printed circuit boards as used in electronics industry require high mechanical strength and dimensional stability,

The environmental monitoring network is a global project consisting of Internet connected hardware devices focused on detecting both the chemical and the physical harmful factors. It was started by Radu Motisan in Fall 2014, including proprietary hardware and software design,

GSM-based calling system is basically a project for the coal mine workers who put their lives at risk when they enter the mines for work.

The issue of finding new materials is very pivotal in our industry nowadays especially as in coal mining. Therefore we intend to develop an idea that can help us in determining materials such as metals & fire.

With the flexible calling system,

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