HALO is a human management system to be used in the case of a humanitarian disaster. This includes settings such as refugee camps. HALO helps camp management collect data from people at the camp, so that needs can be prioritised and met in a time of distress and chaos.

Commercial Vehicles are tested to their limits on roads and in off-road conditions where the suspension is used to damp the sudden shocks and vibrations. This particular concept deals with harnessing the Vibration energy by means of Piezoelectric Transducers which convert it to electricity.

The new Hinary processor is a system of using a decimal or higher number system in the processor; I also designed a sample circuit for representing decimal system electronically using transistors, which was a major hurdle in designing such a system.

This project is all about electromagnetic induction; something which we could have used so far but we but couldn’t have any idea about it.


Instant Cleanrooms

The portable KOACH system produces ISO class 1 cleanroom work space in one minute or less in virtually any environment. No need to wait hours, days or weeks to have a clean work-space. Portability makes the systems ideal for labs,

In continuation of previous entry on using solar energy efficiently, here is a suggestion for a simple, efficient design of solar thermal collectors.

1. See figure for a simple glass tubular structure for solar thermal heat collection using just air or water as medium.

The miniature Laser to Fiber connector was developed to fit a requirement for data storage and retrieval utilizing a back-scatter technique. The access arm necessarily had to have the least weight and volume dedicated to the optical components. In addition, due to confined space,

Abstract: Concept design for a new age computing system. Breaking away from the age of planned obsolesce,this product allows easy up-gradation to newer technologies. Modularity, power and performance sharing onto a common hardware platform are the USPs of the product.

The Problem:
In 2002, incandescent, inductive ballast fluorescent, HID lamps and resistance heating formed 50% of total grid load and were 100% stabilizing. Induction motors, which have a 60% destabilizing characteristic, formed the remaining 50%. The combined load had a weak 20% net stabilizing characteristic, when averaged over 12 months.

Natural Machine Logic is the theory and practice of process logic for machine control that relates live physical events to each other rather than relating data from numbered locations in memory. Natural Machine Logic (NML) describes and monitors the temporal relationships between critical process events in continuous time.

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