For several years, research and technology development has been under way to capture electroencephalographic (EEG) signals, process and interpret them to implement a brain-computer interface, or BCI (Brain - Computer Interface). In the first years when these works were developed,

Nowadays, due to the impact of the inventions and innovations, various methods are adopted for the controlling of home appliances. Particularly, they are designed for the elderly people and also for the ill. In some cases many advanced systems are constructed for the physically disabled people.

Cat detection sensor: The concept is that when a cat enters the home and start eating in the kitchen milk or fruits, the sensor starts detecting the cat's face and multiple photos are taken and it is taken to the cloud storage and once it is stored,

Charging a mobiles through plug-in to the wall is a traditional technique used to charge the mobile battery. Mobile charger is used to convert 230v to 5v/1A for charging the mobile phones hence to charge mobile phones via normal mobile charger; 230v supply plug point is needed.

In the time of digital world, there are many part of the world which still do not know what is a computer and how to operate it? The main reason is many people cannot afford it.

I have developed a computer system which includes: 

When working at The Home Depot I often had to caution children away from the cable cutters. Too many times I saw children putting their fingers near the jaws of the cutter and the moving the handles.

There are known public advertising systems showing video clips, embedding a video screen and computer interfacing with data storage, where the advertising video clips are stored and shown in an order which is programmed preliminary or chosen randomly by the computer.

The objective of this project is to control the PC by accessing the desktop remotely. We can work as like as our normal desktop on Java enabled mobile phone. Mobile cloud computing can give mobile device users a number of compensation.

What CopperPak does
Complex microprocessor are important, but simple discrete diodes are similarly indispensable. Conventional wisdom is squeezing everything onto the same wafer, yet, just not all components can go on the same wafer. A power-supply diode should not go on the same semiconductor of a microprocessor.

There is wide set of the geo thermal generators and the generators that use direct solar heating or difference in temperature of ground and air. Why not to use such style of energy collection to produce electricity from hot regions?

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