Our ultra-small inverter, designed in 2015, allows converting DC high voltage into residential AC voltage. A prototype was built in Q3 2015. Existing similar converters currently on the market are more than 30 times bigger.

Our tiny design enables new opportunities, especially in the renewable energy field.

At present, existing dimensional parameters measuring instruments have limitations like complicated use, time consuming, limited approach, difficult or less reliable interpretation/ readability, required special skills, limited applications, limitations to share or exchange the recorded data.

A wireless remote-control switch is an electric switch which is controlled by a radio or other signal and does not require an operator to touch the switch. The remote-control device, if electrically operated, uses batteries with a low, safe, voltage.

Radar IR scanner system that is inexpensive enough for single situation use but rugged and built tough to last like a quality electronic item could and should. The unit is a combination of a far light infrared camera using the latest inexpensive 

A security factor in an automobile plays an enormous role in saving lives during accidents. Accidents that happen during road trips are unfortunate and cause loss of precious lives. To minimize the loss of life several safety factors are being made mandatory,

The world over, electrical power transmission and distribution engineers have been concerned with high sag and large swing in power transmission lines. High sag needs taller transmission towers. High dynamic vehicular load and no swing or sag is permissible.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, the total number of rape cases in India was a staggering 228,650. Delhi, the national capital, accounted for 5234 of those, and in 2011 according to the Ministry of Home Affairs, a total of 24,193 cases were reported.

This optical waveguide FBG technology can be used as a sensor to detect and map magnetic fields. Alternately, a known magnetic field can be applied to create a particular optical transmission behavior in the waveguide, thus creating an optical switch or selective filter.

The FBG’

Sledovat is Russian for, "To Follow." Following a friend or family member in a vehicle has a number of problems. One drives too fast or too slowly, one takes a wrong turn or has trouble negotiating a curvy exit, one has car trouble,

This product will be a traffic and pedestrian sensor based on vibration patterns that will create a mesh network between them to distinguish the direction of the detected elements in movement.

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