Sustainable Technologies

This design is for rural areas with no pipe access to potable water.

It is extremely simple, it's basically a plastic container with a big opening to inlet the "dirty" water and a smaller one from where the clean comes out.

WindFurnace.com proposes an improved Wind Furnace (UMass circa 1972-1985) resulting in reduced cost and complexity of past wind driven heating systems.

WindFurnace.com is not based on electricity generation but converts rotational energy, from a wind turbine,

We are in the sustainable energy business. By “taking the factory to the forest” we convert wood waste into liquid hydrocarbons from which refineries can make gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel.

This patent filled topic deals with pest control. ZE-CU-RE stands for zero current repellent. The existing model of mosquito repellent is based on heating a repellent liquid using a carbon rod. The rod is heated by means of electricity.

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