Sustainable Technologies

The Earth is now suffering from Global warming and we all know that the power plants are considered a huge sink for fuel which is decaying rapidly with time,

I have developed a micro corrugated structure, which is armed by a special fiberglass paper, joined by chemical processes, which give flexibility in terms of shape. Formed material is processed with different chemical reagents making the final product (photo_1). The final product is a carrier material for catalysts,

The present invention aims to achieve integration between four different devices for transformation of different types of wastes into different types of energy sources. Such integration is defined as the use of the exhaust and/or outputs of any device as an input of one or more device. But also,

Over 16 billion pairs of shoes are produced each year on this planet, and more than 1.6 mobile phones are produced per year. If we can make one USD dollar contribution for each pair of shoes through new technology,


K-Control is a kinematic mechanism that will allow concentrated solar power to become economically feasible for individual homes and communities by significantly reducing the cost and size of heliostat arrays.

Why is this invention needed?

In the present world scenario, the search for effective utilization of renewable energy for power production is still under process. Renewable energy such as solar, wind, hydro energy is widely used for power production.

The Fractal Orifice Plate is a platform technology upon which novel nozzle geometries for advanced fluid dynamics and spray applications are based. It is designed to produce a large class of non-canonical turbulent flows that can be tailored to specific applications based on a few simple parameters. Subsequently,

Unfortunately, the scope of anticipated solar, wind, or other renewable energy projects located on the Earth in the next 50 years will probably have minimal impact on global warming, now that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has exceeded 400 PPM.

My design idea relates to energy engineering and more particularly to the alternative energy technology of getting power from the repulsive/attractive force of permanent magnets with no other input.

The potential benefits of this design idea is getting renewable energy along with using sunlight, wind, tides,


In this year, India has faced unprecedented drought and water scarcity. Rivers/ dams dried up affecting agriculture and may impact GDP, inflation, growth rate etc.

Can we take control and make sure that our rivers never run dry; dams are always filled with water?

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