Sustainable Technologies

What CoaLCO does
CoaLCO is an expert system for coal-fired powerplant aiming for reduced overall power genration cost. It’s ultimate goal is carbon reduction. The abouve statements may sound suprising(or unbelievably good) because burning coal emits carbon. Indeed CoaLCO does not make any powerplant emit less carbon.

The quantity and quality of electrical energy available in a locality is an indication of the quality of life of those living there. The ease of power availability at a picnic or field trip location is cumbersome. To deal with this challenge gasoline powered micro generators are used.

The proposed solution focuses on using a combination of solar energy and super-capacitors to reduce the dependency of large vehicles (e.g.: Buses) on conventional energy and in parallel enhance battery life by preventing deep discharge cycles.

One of the burning issues in the world is the problem of food. There are more than 7.3 billion people on the planet and this number is constantly increasing, which requires more and more food.

Erratic power supply is one huge factor limiting advancement in education in the developing world especially in rural environments, taking its toll in the area of basic experiments in sciences, engineering and technology.

Solar Heating System
Heating is the largest energy expense in homes and that is up to 50% of annual energy bills. Reducing your energy use for heating provides the most effective way to reduce your home’s contribution to global environmental problems.

India has tremendous scope of generating solar energy and so India’s innovators have proven that ordinary people are indeed capable of extraordinary inventions. Mr. Manoj Gattani, who currently works with Inventive Clean Energy Technologies Pvt Ltd,

Poor farmers from around the world need affordable ways to pump underground water to irrigate their crops, so they can feed their families and earn income. To respond to this challenge, we present a low-cost and low-maintenance steam pump powered by solar heat.

Since the 17th century,

In recent years the use of Solar Reflective Pigments (SRPs) in high performance coating applications such as aerospace, metal roofing, and architectural paints has been growing. SRPs are mixed metal oxide (MMO) pigments that are fade-resistant, inorganic pigments available in several colors.

Solar energy is the origin of most forms of energy. This energy can be made use of in two ways: the thermal route, i.e., using heat for drying, heating,

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