Sustainable Technologies

Artemisia annua reaches a peak concentration in sustainable concentration and used for plasmodium malaria treatment in Artemisinin Combination Therapy (ACT). For small-holder farmers it's alternative or diversion as a payable/cash crop is due to it's heptanyl epoxide bond.

Arguably, man-made climate change represents potentially greater peril than global thermonuclear war. Carbon-free renewable-energy transformation, previously “economically beneficial,” becomes essential. Pending Earthbound thermonuclear power, stellar (solar-generated) hydrogen offers optimal alternatives. Given real-estate,

My idea is to create a sun-driven motor using Nitinol (nickel-titanium) memory metal. The concept is to orient memory metal bars around the inside of a ring similar to spokes in a bicycle wheel, but pulling all in the same direction. Each “spoke”

‘SUNTIME’ is a portable solar food maker in which you can cook boiled and grilled food items. This product especially designed for use in cases like camping, family gathering, picnic etc, where you don’t have access to conventional cooking sources. This product is aimed to promote ‘Healthy food habits’

The invention can be used as a low voltage DC-motor or as a generator for high currents. There is no clear differentiation between stator and rotor.

The Supersloop design was developed over five years from 1983 to 1988.

It began with keel design during controversy surrounding Australia II's winged keel. I started with the probable first-ever Bulb&Fin keel design, then further modified it with a radical roll moment system on the fin,

The “silo” approach to energy production is outdated and SWind (Solar/Wind) stations are the future. Utilizing the technology developed for both wind power and solar power generation. These technologies will not be separate from each other but will be an integrated, stacked system on a single platform.

This innovation is aimed to grow plants under canopy of trees or shaded
Web link: http://www.google.com/patents/WO2015083019A1

[1] It is well known that it is virtually impossible to grow anything under shadow of big canopy of trees.

System to obtain green energy using closed galleries of coal mines.


Using microwave/ultrasound in galleries of coal mines closed, which include water and carbon dry ice trough cavitation phenomenon to obtain methane gas &

Tarta,is designed for mass planting of plants in deserts and drylands. Tarta is composed of clay and vermicompost.These are to survive and help grow the seed inside of it. Inspired by nature, designed to move at a constant speed toward the ground. And when it hits the ground,

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