Sustainable Technologies

Earth attracts objects creating pressure on everything on its surface. When something takes in latent heat it pushes against enormous atompheric pressure to expand this expansion or combustion in case of fuel later when condenses creates a vacuum equal to tons of atmospheric pressure which can be effectively used.

What problem does your design idea solve?
Developing regions and crisis areas produce a significant amount of municipal solid waste (MSW) but lack the infrastructure and central organization to process said waste. Technology and communications present a need for electricity in the same regions. The µ

Plastics are an important part of our daily life, starting from the tooth brush, water bottles, plastic bags -- it is as important as air.These plastics are posing a serious threat to the environment due to lack of proper recycling and waste treatment measures.

Mobile phones have become a hugely important tool for almost everyone, even in remote parts of the world such as rural Africa where banking over SMS is very popular. However in these places it can also be difficult and expensive to charge a phone.

The Momentum Drive Theorem Device is rather unique when compared to how complex an internal combustion engine functions. However, this device is still the only one of its kind which makes it exceptional.

Natura is a simple product which is inspired by a tree. The way water falls on leaves and gives a feeling of purity. The same way water falls on this product and you slowly see the water seeping down through the green filter sponge.

Shellfish ... crustaceans and mollusks ... use mainly calcium carbonate as a structural material in their shells. Usually thought of as serving a mechanical protective purpose I suggest that it is used in a natural anti-fouling mechanism.

Autonomous, mobile and decentralised power supply for the electrical operation of lighting equipment for information boards, of sensors and electrical components, of microsystems, smart phones and mobile computer technology is increasingly gaining importance.

Modifying the existing roadways to create electricity from the sun has many advantages and has been explored in some detail. After all, if the huge surface area of roads could be utilized there would be a massive amount of power available produced by the sun.


To minimize health impacts of air pollution, we designed and developed a novel diesel exhaust control device: the Electrostatic Screen Battery for Emissions Control (ESBEC). The ESBEC is a two-stage electrostatic precipitator with separate charging and collection sections (Fig.1).

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