Sustainable Technologies

Proposed system harnesses microbial fuel cell (MFC) and microbial electrolysis cell (MEC) processes for treating wastewater (WW) at individual house and generating electricity and clean water. This system intends to conserve resources at the primary source, hence decreasing energy foot-prints.

A MFC consists of an anode,

Product design idea

Universal plan for development of global strategic plan for each country development research is a need. To achieve the real situation it should be controlled, monitored and acted upon. With ERP, MRP we consider to middle level in enterprise level.

Today conventional Tube- or Profile Bundles are Hexagonal/Square or Rectangular in cross section and are made with the use of Wooden planks and/or Steel straps.

Our invention,

Our product deals with the problem of unrestrained emissions from diesel engine generators and chimneys of factories. Among these emissions, soot (carbonaceous nano-sized matter) especially poses tremendous risk to public health due to its carcinogenic nature. Additionally,

Bicycles depend on sustainable and clean energy and are good for health or fitness. One of the limitation of cycling is that it required human effort or energy to drive it. Long distance cycling need a great amount of a driver’

We must turn the threat of the melting of the Poles and it consequent raising of the water levels in the oceans as a benefit, not a wrath. Water is a precious component for our lives so we must utilize the extra water coming from the climate warming.

Save3 is a visual feedback system designed for hotel rooms. Comprising a set of smart objects, this system subtly encourages guests to save water and electricity by monitoring consumption and by providing an incentive to conserve.

Save3: Save Power! Save Water!! Save Money!!!

Nowadays the usage of fossil fuels has been increasing rapidly, and the number of automobiles also has increased. By this our eco-system is damaged enormously. To reduce this fossil fuel consumptions alternative methods including solar, electrical, CNG’S, LPG’S have been introduced.

Detergent is everywhere and used every day in life. Bath, dish and clothes washing, toilet flushing. But detergent providers care less about how to use the post detergent water after washing. To design a collection of detergents formula, adjusting the formula along with 

No present equipment effectively extracts energy from slow speed shallow tidal, river, or other slow moving or shallow water. Also axial turbines can kill fish.

The appended device data describes a new low speed pancake horizontal turbine design which uses large horizontal blades on the streaming side,

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