Sustainable Technologies

Nuclear fusion energy has been physicists’ dream since 1953. The US has spent $29.1B and is still several decades and many $ billion before sustained net electrical energy output is obtained. Thermonuclear fusion is old-hat for the world’s nuclear weapons.

Objective: Fossil fuel depletion and environmental degradation due to vehicular emissions is an alarming factor which necessitates alternative fuels and efficient engine operation. The main aim of this project is to reduce the emission, improve the performance, find the suitable alternates to fossil fuel for a CI engine.


Using the design of the Stirling motor and some adequations we will create the first personal perpetual motion machine as a home energy plant, the first electic plant for the people, and also a power plant for the people who don't want to pay again the electric bill.

The Photovoltaic Wind Turbine for Geothermal Heat Pump would lend to the enhancement of the sustainable energy that is available for production by utilizing photovoltaic solar panels mounted on a wind turbine. The wind turbine generator powers a geothermal heat pump.

We have designed, built and tested/installed a very special pipe support that drains liquid/water from the underside of the pipe that is being supported.

The proposed portable energy generation system will enable the conversion of either wind energy or solar energy, whichever is available, into useful electricity to power increasingly vital electronics. It is a collapsible wind turbine, integrated with solar cells.

Global warming of the Earth due to greenhouse gases has reached alarming levels. Thus there is an increased demand for cleaner energy sources such as solar energy. Solar cells are inherently capable of higher efficiency due to the direct conversion of solar radiation into electricity.

Railway is one of the most important forms of transportations in India. In India, especially in Chennai, the average speed of the electric train is 100 kmph (62 miles per hour).

While the train is running,

Power generation by renewable energy sources and using the existing mechanisms is important for saving fossil fuels for future generations. Our team came up with an idea of using the mechanical energy from subway trains to generate more power and connect to storage batteries.

In my project we are going to produce electrical energy with the help of compressed air. Generally we use air compressors which are operated using motor to compress the air,

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