Sustainable Technologies

The Underwater Electricity Generator works on principle of transforming Pressure and Kinetic Energy of water into Electrical Energy by rotary motion, which is first of its kind.

- Target of 8000 GW
- Apprehend Pressure and Kinetic Energy.
- Continuous power generation irrespective of weather and load variations.
- Something new and unique, which shall be powerful, efficient and useful for at-least 200 years.

- Primary influence is of Pressure Energy acting on large hydrofoil areas at varying depths.
- As waves and tides have periodic occurrence of ‘2’ every 24 hours, hence termed secondary influence, which is neglected so that we can design self-sustaining rotary generator.
- Using Cartesian System, SI Units and considering positive ...

According to the EPA, every weekend about 54 million Americans mow their lawns, using more than 15,000,000 gallons of gas (that’s more the 800 million annually) and producing tons of air polluting volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides. More than 325,000 gallons (that’s 17,000,000 annually) are spilled just filling them up – that’s more than what was spilled by the Exxon Valdez disaster.

Studies have shown that one gas mower running for an hour emits the same amount of pollutants as eight new cars driving 55 miles in an hour.

Replacing 500 gas mowers with electric or non-powered mowers would spare the air of:
• 212 pounds of hydrocarbons
• 1.7 pounds of nitrogen oxides
• 5.6 pounds of irritating particles
• 1,724 pounds ...

[A Quadruple Impact Development (QID) paradigm that simultaneously answers the twin-problems of Global Warming and Poverty (GWP)]

THE PROBLEM: Global Warming and Poverty (GWP) are corollary in that both are simultaneously increasing due to the same basic cause: Wastage and Over consumption by the minority who control almost all human resources and governance. The disparity is such that about 15% of the population enjoy 85% of world GDP; and the balance 85% are able to enjoy just 15%. Further as this disparity is continually increasing due to the “richer” class wanting to overs end and waste indiscriminately, offsetting what could otherwise be made available to the majority poor. ZW-ZC-BM has the Objective of solving the ...

Until now generating plasmas required large amounts of energy. Cold plasma technology strongly reduced the amount of energy required for plasma generation and modern techniques makes it now affordable.

Our αNC PLASMA technique could even more reduce the energy consumption and separate elements (individual atoms) at molecular level and re-arrange them in other metallic bonding, elemental or compound molecules. This opens a variety of applications.

αlpha solutions successfully developed their own new cold plasma in such a way as to sustain cold plasma indefinitely (cold plasma "channel"), utilizing uniform large areas of plasma in a small plasma unit or volume that is several times more economical to run in comparison with existing cold plasma creating and processing technologies.

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