Sustainable Technologies

Recently, the world has seen various non-conventional sources being successfully commercialized. However, their cost and efficiency is still a major hurdle in their global acceptance over fossil fuels.

1 Nature of technology/product. The HI-Light reactor being developed at Cornell University is a solar-thermocatalytic “reverse combustion” technology that enables the conversion of CO2 and water to methanol and other high-value hydrocarbons.

Recently the regulation of engine exhaust gas is more and more tight and in electricity generation industry gas engine is more and more promising instead of turbine using liquid fuel and diesel engine. Because gas engine using natural gas has advantage of stable supply and low exhaust harmful gas,

The objective of the project is to design a wind turbine to recapture wind energy from vehicles on the highway. Wind energy is considered the fastest growing clean energy source. However, it is limited by variable natural wind.

The project presented focuses on improving Hybrid Photovoltaic/Thermal (PVT) Systems in terms of electrical and thermal efficiencies. Heat is known to directly affect the performance of Photovoltaic (PV) cells, hence as a novelty, this project concentrates on dissipating and reusing the heat build-up on the PV cells.

Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal (HPVT) system collects both photovoltaic and thermal energy from incoming sun light. Conventional solar panel collects photovoltaic energy but wastes solar thermal energy in sun light.

Solar and wind energy are clean and renewable but their energy content is both low and costly to store. A two-mirror solar Stirling engine (SE) design could be a major step towards the high efficiency (>

NASA Langley Research Center has developed fluorinated alkyl ether containing epoxies designed as an anti-insect coating. The robust and durable coating was developed to improve aircraft efficiency, but the coating could be useful in a variety of applications where reduction of insect residue adherence is desirable,

The idea of this project initiated from reduction of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in SI engines. We studied various types of additives in gasoline for the SI engine. Out of them we found Hydroxy or HHO gas is a very convenient additive for SI engine.

Overheard medical marijuana growers discussing high electric bills and that their air conditioners run even when it is freezing outside. They do enriched CO2 growing which boosts yields but precludes exchanging air with the outdoors.

The obvious solution was to switch to LED grow lights.

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