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The Greenhouse Solar Cooker (patent pending NG/P/2016/426) is a new green technology that combines the attributes of a parabolic solar cooker and the ability of carbon dioxide laser tube to absorb electromagnetic radiation and convert it into useful heat energy.

This entry is all about solving a common problem of Indian households where it takes long hours to search for fuel for cooking. To help we have proposed a prototype of a cooker which can work via solar energy even at night.

The system is comprised of 3 main components to tap into the individual sources of energy of the Ocean (Tidal, Wave & Ocean currents) and is joined together through a series of assemblies or welds.

1) Tides- The predictable changes in water level i.e.

Title: Paddy Weeder for Random Sowing of Paddy

Small Tool – More work

Presently no tools are used to remove the weeds in paddy fields.

The HHO powered engine runs in a sealed loop, circulating noble gas with HHO electrolysed from water. The input is 6 watts from driven alternator, and output around 35,000 kw. Engines are not cylinder engines rather compressionstroke and compressionless engine cores that displace twice there volume per rev,

The design of the prototype is based on three stages which transform PET (polyethylene terephthalate) into cotton fibers, which can have different applications, including packing stuffing, stuffed toys, pillows, or synthetic thread.

Solids are better insulators than liquids and there are materials that are more dense in their solid rather than their liquid phase. These two facts are at the heart of an innovative way to improve efficiency in concentrated solar energy plants.

Many models for estimating solar irradiance exist and there are still more software packages utilising these models. The majority of these models simply look at total irradiance and do not consider the influence of the spectral distribution. More sophisticated models use a single standard spectrum for the whole year.

Fresh produce is in high demand globally, with many trends like climate sustainability and a rapidly growing population influencing the availability. Considering these two pivotal factors, using current methods of conventional soil growing,

The main concern of the future is the natural resources which are being consumed rapidly with greed undermining the consequences.The use of fertilizers may improve yields today but the impact is vast on soil texture and fertility. Also, it affects the ecosystem immensely.

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