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In 2016, one of the worst refugee crisis around the globe was at its peak due to the civil war in Syria. The crisis has resulted in over 4 million refugees who are homeless once they reach their host countries. Due to their large numbers, governments and agencies are unable to provide them with houses in time and they are left to strive in camps and shelters exposed to extreme climate and social problems. Even when there are solutions available, they are too costly and take too long to be implemented.

As civil engineers we felt the need to utilize our knowledge to innovate and give back to the global community. We realized the need of a flat pack, affordable ...

For decades the water bottles have been packaged with plastic shrink wrap all around the world. This entry introduces an innovative sustainable idea to substitute this unsustainable amount of plastic with recycled paper.

The following parameters were considered crucial:
1. Usage of a paper along its life cycle instead of plastic mass (less production energy consumption, minimum disposal, and optimizations benefits due to recycling ability.
2. Less or equal "time", "cost", and "energy consumption" during the paper life cycle and on while water manufacturing line (financial cost, time consumption on production line, manufacturing expenses, and cheaper life cycle)
3. Physically strong in order to sustain against mechanical load; the weight (~9kg), transportation shocks and stacking capability.
4. Easy ...

The present project is about thermal insulation for rooftops made with recycled crumb rubber from scrap tires that responds to ecological and social problems, such as impacts to the ecosystem caused by dumped tires (fires/groundwater pollution…), health impacts (vectors/fires...), as well as excessive consumption of electricity in rooms without insulation that lead to higher fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. TermoLLanta is an active thermal rooftop insulation system that also filters and retains rainwater and increases the life of the waterproofing.

This product is defined as an "active” insulation, that differs from ‘passive’ insulating materials, which hinder the heat flow through them, because the incident solar radiation on the surface of the porous and permeable tiles heats ...


- Direct Contact Condensation Motor-

(Newcomen's atmospheric engine re-borne)

Direct Contact Condensation occurs when water and steam meet, causing a violent interaction.

From Pop-Pop boats to BWR Emergency Core Cooling Suppression Pools, DCC has the potential to both delight and destroy.

The proposed DCC Motor harnesses this destructive power by regulating the flow of low pressure steam into a swash plate pump that is submerged in water.

The result is high torque, low rpm motive power from coordinated hydraulic impulses delivered to the swash plate by rising pistons of water.

Rotation is initiated by hand and injection port geometry, angular injection port position and swash plate inclination determine the motor performance characteristics.

The prototype presented ...

This is a crowdmap comprising over 15000 organizations world over, offering medical, legal, education / employment, resources (food, shelter, clothing, emergency support), police and ambulance services for women who have faced violence. Often, women who have faced violence either don’t know where to go for help, or don’t have resources to find out where to go for help. Sometimes, their situation prevents them from finding help, and that can be extremely dangerous to their safety. Our research found that many women couldn't search for resources online due to search engine trails that they couldn't always successfully erase. Furthermore, many women were unsure of the credibility of the organizations themselves. Recognizing the gap in access, The Red Elephant Foundation decided ...

This design intends to leverage gravity, by converting the rising and falling tide(s) into electrical power. The tides are an enormous source of energy available at local lakes, rivers, and ocean. The flow of water turning a turbine to produce electrical power is not new. However, valves to control and use the flow into and out of a reservoir, has been given little or no consideration - so far. Power, flow, (construction, operation), cost calculations are pending.

The combined effects of gravity of the sun and moon on bodies of water is shown in the graph below. Two rises and two drops are typical of the “Mixed” tide cycle.

The design requires
A. The water reservoir, (ReserV),
B. Electrical Turbine, with flexible wiring, ...

The total farm system is an integrated, regenerative system of production designed to turn towns and city districts into socially and ecologically sustainable autonomous units of production. It is a farm, factory, power station, reservoir, waste recycling plant and education/research facility with all its functions interoperating as a closed loop system.

The system is designed to capture all sources of renewable energy from its surroundings, including wind, solar, rainwater and the sewage from surrounding homes and convert them into food and other life supporting resources.

Cattle and other livestock are raised in a covered garden that optimizes the productivity of their grazing environment whilst capturing all the methane from their digestion for use as a fuel.

We employ plastic extrusion technology to transform post consumer plastic waste into building materials (Plastic lumber). Plastic lumber is a durable and affordable alternative to timber, which reduces the need for building material manufactured from wood. This helps to preserve forests by lowering deforestation rates and decreasing the effects of climate change. Plastic lumber made from recycled plastics are ideal for outdoor decking, building, furniture making and construction activities.

Why are we doing this Project?

Solid waste management is one of the environmental problems that most cities are struggling to manage. As the number of residents in most cities is increasing so is the production of solid waste which end up in the landfills and in the oceans because very unfortunate, ...

• To ease out the process of monitoring the progress of tree plantations and tree counting over a certain area by removing manual actions.
• To counter the problem of Deforestation, pollution level and Global warming.
• We can collect the data of trees from a certain area and analyze from the data that there is need of planting trees.
• We can also evaluate level of AQI (Air Quality Index) in that area and generate alert message to app user in case the AQI is above the threshold.

This project’s concept is focused on the environmentalist who understand the benefits and needs of trees, and also for those who are curious of the trees ...

The printed electronics market is currently estimated at around US $20 billion and it is expected to grow up to about US $73 billion by 2025. One of the major driving factor of the global printed electronics market is “substrate,” on which electronic or photonic devices are integrated. Presently, hard-to-recycle substrates, such as glass and plastics, are widely common. On the other hand, so-called “nanosheets” made of cellulose fibers with nanometer size diameter, are emerging substrate candidates. 100% nanocellulose films are still quite expensive and in this configuration, the substrate can only be used in liquid-free environments or devices. Besides, the device performance coming from the light and ink interaction of the substrate remains restricted. Most common solution for ...

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