Sustainable Technologies

The Hyper4 (a 4 stroke, 4 cylinder engine) improves the fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines by up to 75% (as reflected by Simulink Matlab and Converge CFD modelling software), approaching 50% brake thermal efficiency in a unique, compact axial design that is both straightforward and inexpensive to manufacture.

This innovation relates to the modification of the surface of solar panels to increase the efficiency. In essence, this technology will make use of flexible solar cells that can be made to conform to other than a planar surface. In this way,

The advancement of analytical water characterization methods has revealed the presence of a new class of water contaminations known as emerging contaminants. One of the main groups of this class of contaminants is pharmaceutical compounds, including the medicines used by individuals everyday.

Our concept lies within the realm of green energy and by our intent we seek a better world where we wouldn’t have to compromise the integrity of our little place in this solar system.

We seek to merge Nano-crystalline solar cells (thin film) with wind turbines,

The laws of physics restrict the rotational speeds of traditional large generators due to the increased centrifugal forces. Hoover Dam generators run at around 1.5 - 2.0 Hz.;

The most common contaminants of water are organic compounds, bacteria and protozoa that pose a great risk to human health. However, the existence of recalcitrant pollutants prevents effective treatment by conventional methods. A novel environmentally friendly alternative for the elimination of recalcitrant pollutants is the advanced oxidation processes,

Liter of Light is a global open source movement that aims to provide ecologically-sustainable lighting solutions using photovoltaic technology and simple materials for those who don’t have adequate access to electricity or who cannot afford it.

In 2015, Liter of Light won the Zayed Energy Prize,

Providing clean water in humanitarian emergencies is essential, however few household water purification systems have been developed with this context in mind. In an emergency setting usability, durability, transportability,

Andean indigenous people are settling in highland and low temperate valleys in which they are farmers using very ancient technology to optimize the land and water resources. About two million Aymara live in Bolivia, five hundred thousand in Peru,

A magnetic void (null spot) is created on a portion of inner hole of a ring magnet by absorbing North and South poles in that portion using small disc magnets having diameter equal to top and bottom surface width of ring magnet.

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