Sustainable Technologies

Paper-Saver(TM) ink is a disappearing ink for inkjet printers. The ink erases itself after three weeks so that paper can be reused, providing pollution-free paper. It is sold as 3rd party replacement ink cartridges.

Today paper is not what it used to be. It’

USA alone produces 254 million tons of trash and only 34.3 % percent of that is recycled. Maximum amount of the trash is dumped in Landfills, of which only few are left and that too with a life of 5-10 years. Moreover, in USA,

Swarm Power & the Power-Blox 200 series

Power-Blox develops, produces and distributes intelligent swarm electrification solutions. It has developed a technology (Swarm Power) which allows the setup of a swarm-grid with a decentralized architecture and no centralized control. The system is self-learning and self-regulating;

Our pyrolysis plant, Bio-Alternative (BA), delivers a solution to the growing waste problem worldwide. Our design is unique in its vertical construction and for the first time it is possible to not only recycle pelleted organic pieces, but to pyrolyze any type of organic waste (wood, feces,

From the diagram have a similar construct that is reflectant to radiation on the inside and have a airtight seal at the entrance of the construct that allows radiation to pass through. Then have a complete vacuum on the inside.

Reflow creates sustainable 3D printing materials with heart and precision. We transform local waste streams into premium material to fuel the 3D printing revolution.

Currently, it is very near impossible to remove oil sheen from water. Typically, a sheen of oil remains after the majority of spilled oil is recovered and removed from a body of water.

2 years ago, A turkish airliner airbus A330 skidded off the runway in Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. On board 224 passengers were unharmed except from some minor bruises . The airbus slipped off the runway and ran into the grass field next to the runway.

Standards continue to evolve on lower emissions for internal combustion engines, based on technology advancements and regulatory requirements. Adopting best practices and following manufacturer guidelines on ethanol fueling will further help reduce damage to equipment and the environment.


[0001] Some roof systems provide vegetation growth on a roof of a building or other structure, which roof systems may be referred to as green roof systems. Typical green roof systems include a waterproof membrane applied to the surface of the roof,

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