Sustainable Technologies

A magnetic void (null spot) is created on a portion of inner hole of a ring magnet by absorbing North and South poles in that portion using small disc magnets having diameter equal to top and bottom surface width of ring magnet.

The Magnetic Renewable Engine is a clean and green Mechanical Renewable Energy System powered by electricity. It is the combination of two systems, the Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine and an Electrical Supply System.

The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine is the combustion engine without the combustion. The secret lies in “

In retrospect the basic idea behind recycling, is to reuse materials from an existing structure or product in to a new structure or product. But recycling usually takes several stages over a long period of time. What If there was another way to achieve the same effect.

For rapid construction of hovercraft landing platforms at sea shore various compositions of oxychloride cement along with sea sand, melamine formaldehyde resin, guar gum and unsaturated polyester resins were prepared for optimization of the suitable composition with optimum compressive stregth and elastic modulus.

Triboelectric generators (TEG) or triboelectric nanogenerators (TENG) are the emerging effective wasted mechanical-electrical energy conversion devices. This energy source can be used powerfully in light emission and energy storage for various electronic applications.

The principle is based on triboelectric effect and electrostatic induction between two triboelectric surfaces.

How MicroEVAP(TM) Works:

The MicroEVAP(TM) water purification system is able to process polluted water from any source with a low-pressure, low-temperature; tornado induced rapid-evaporation technology to treat contaminated water without chemicals, filters, or membranes. The system is designed to be ultralow in maintenance, has few moving parts,

Floating buoys are used for several purposes. Some platforms are composed of multiple floating modular cubes connected to each other and mostly used in a tied position to the shore to function as landing stages in order to provide sunbathing areas,

The major problem nowadays faced by the countries is oil spill in the ocean through by which oil is transported which leads to loss in biodiversity of marine species as well as for humans.

Graphite(+), Zinc(-), and salt water are the materials I have been working with. Me being retired gives time to tinker. Anyway, I have discovered a major improvement in Cathode(+) design through proof of concept approach.

The Greenhouse Solar Cooker (patent pending NG/P/2016/426) is a new green technology that combines the attributes of a parabolic solar cooker and the ability of carbon dioxide laser tube to absorb electromagnetic radiation and convert it into useful heat energy.

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