Over the past few years, we have witnessed some of the most destructive forest fires on record. With the increasing threat of climate change, forest fires will start to become more frequent and more deadly. The Poseidon Sprinkler Defense System (PSDS) is the first and only defense needed to stop these destructive fires. Placed in strategic locations throughout the Western United States, in states like California, Arizona, Washington and Colorado, PSDS can be activated remotely upon detection of an incoming forest fires. The construction is primarily of aluminum, cast iron, copper, plastic, stainless steel, and steel alloys. A gearbox will be seated near the head of the unit will control the stream and water PSI.

Each unit would be ...

NASA inventors have developed a set of puncture self-healing materials comprised of commercially available, known self-healing polymer resin and additive blends. A range of puncture healing blends was developed by melt blending self-healing polymers with non-self-healing polymeric materials.


Puncture healing capability of the melt blends improves at higher temperatures
Thermoplastic materials that can repeatedly and intrinsically self-heal without the need for foreign inserts or fillers (such as microencapsulated monomer)

Blend of self-healing polymer materials with high strength polymer resins potentially enables the materials to be used in structural, load bearing applications


Radiation shielding
Fuel tank liners
Healing layers in ballistic protection for armor, helmets and other personal protective equipment
Packaging material
Human ...

Large amounts of used cars that are written off in Europe are shipped to Africa for a ‘second life’. This results in a high demand for spare parts to sustain this life.

I am Obasogie Okpamen from Landmark University, Nigeria. I am honored to be presenting my project which reduces the mass and material used in manufacturing engine parts while adding to their aesthetics and ultimately showing how additive manufacturing can change the spare parts industry.

For this project, I have chosen the Alfa Romeo 75 twin spark TS connecting rod which I believe is a perfect option, not just because the Alfa Romeo 75 is an iconic vehicle with great balance and engine performance but because even in ...


Rubbernecking is a major issue on the roads of today. This action is a very dangerous behavior. It causes additional wreckage, due to a motorist’s curiosity on traffic accidents instead of the road. This behavior also leads to a slow flow of traffic. Furthermore, a traffic accident site sometimes exposes graphic scenes that may be too much for sensitive motorists.


The solution to this issue would be to design a barrier that offers privacy to prevent other motorist from looking at a current accident scene. It can be deployed in seconds! Moreover, it can be easily snap-fitted to fire trucks or ambulances.

As for structure of the barrier, the curvature of it, allows air flow to travel ...

As the global population continues to grow every year, so too does the demand for agricultural products. To continue feeding the world without damaging the environment is one of the greatest challenges faced by society, and can only be achieved by increasing the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production.

This project is about filling the gap between modern farming technology which requires skill, more cost and higher tech and traditional or ancient technology still widely used in many countries of the world which does not require much skill, labour-based and lower cost. The mechanism of semi-automated farming technology is very simple. First, there is a C- channel structure (the green structure) fixed with the farming ground at the side ...

Cranes are used to move loads from one location to another in minimum time such that the load reaches its destination without swinging. As we all know, that swinging problem occurs due to flexibility of wires but if the wire is rigid and permanently fixed on one side then the swinging problem will not occur.

As per the sketch there will be a telescopic arm and one side of the arm will be attached with the trolley of the crane. This rigid telescopic arm will be connected with the load at the time of lifting the load. In this way there will be no problem of swinging as the rigid telescopic arm will be fixed with the trolley and ...

This invention demonstrates the future of automation through exploring the human – machine interface (HMI) so that human electrical signals communicate with machines to enhance collective genius. Moreover, this invention harmonizes the industrial and manufacturing fields with the blended genius of machines and humans. This is further demonstrated in the industry’s appetite and advancement in developing and implementing technologies such as digital oilfields, 3D modelling, pipeline sensors, and the internet of things (IoT). This Smart PPPE System has demonstrated a successful and innovative technical solution in advancing the IoT to solve worksite issues of operational performance, safety of the crew, rig, and environment through a connected system of brain -machine interfaces (BrMI) and body machine interface (BoMI). This demonstrates ...

This proposal is for SOLID STATE storage which has already been successfully prototyped, incorporating several different chemistries. Although this manufacturing technique can be used with many battery and capacitor combinations and chemistries the inventors have mostly executed akaline combinations thus far. Plastic injection molding is the manufacturing platform. It is a well established high speed manufacturing method, capable of producing finished products in seconds. This version is a logical evolution of that. Except, rather than ONE resin in One mold, we are pushing the over mold / 2 shot technique a little bit further. Shuttle, spin stack, rotary molds and molding machines with multiple barrels for each material layer. 4-6 shots vs 1 -2. A completed 2,000 cell pack ...

Problem Statement: Global Food Demand, Can We Solve?

Proposed Solution:
The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought a revolution in the technological era, where objects around us will be connected and interact with each other to perform certain task without human intervention. Features like vision, self-configuration and intelligence could be incorporated in to the IoT architecture to improve preciseness. Here, in this article we have presented how a distributed ledger or block chain could be adapt in IoT LoRa architecture (LoRa-IoT) to enhance robustness and self-maintenance in a network. A novel Long Range wide area network (LoRa-WAN) architecture has been implemented along with lightweight block chain for agriculture applications. It gives a complete solution for farmesr from spade to ...

The objective of this design is to create a swarm 3D printing and assembly platform which employs a swarm of printhead-carrying mobile robots to complete sophisticated manufacturing tasks. Similar to how a swarm of bees working together to build their beehive, the swarm of smart mobile robots can work together to print and assemble products based on digital models on demand.

Illustrated here is a model of future factory, consisting of modularly designed tiles for the factory floor to guide the navigation of the robots, mobile robots carrying robotic arms with different end effectors, including filament extruder, gripper for pick-and-placing pre-manufactured components, and other types of robotic toolheads. All the robots are wirelessly connected into the Internet through Wi-Fi ...

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