Over the past few years, we have witnessed some of the most destructive forest fires on record. With the increasing threat of climate change, forest fires will start to become more frequent and more deadly.

NASA inventors have developed a set of puncture self-healing materials comprised of commercially available, known self-healing polymer resin and additive blends. A range of puncture healing blends was developed by melt blending self-healing polymers with non-self-healing polymeric materials.

Large amounts of used cars that are written off in Europe are shipped to Africa for a ‘second life’. This results in a high demand for spare parts to sustain this life.

I am Obasogie Okpamen from Landmark University, Nigeria.


Rubbernecking is a major issue on the roads of today. This action is a very dangerous behavior. It causes additional wreckage, due to a motorist’s curiosity on traffic accidents instead of the road. This behavior also leads to a slow flow of traffic. Furthermore,

As the global population continues to grow every year, so too does the demand for agricultural products. To continue feeding the world without damaging the environment is one of the greatest challenges faced by society, and can only be achieved by increasing the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production.

Cranes are used to move loads from one location to another in minimum time such that the load reaches its destination without swinging. As we all know,

This invention demonstrates the future of automation through exploring the human – machine interface (HMI) so that human electrical signals communicate with machines to enhance collective genius. Moreover, this invention harmonizes the industrial and manufacturing fields with the blended genius of machines and humans.

This proposal is for SOLID STATE storage which has already been successfully prototyped, incorporating several different chemistries. Although this manufacturing technique can be used with many battery and capacitor combinations and chemistries the inventors have mostly executed akaline combinations thus far. Plastic injection molding is the manufacturing platform.

Problem Statement: Global Food Demand, Can We Solve?

Proposed Solution:
The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought a revolution in the technological era, where objects around us will be connected and interact with each other to perform certain task without human intervention. Features like vision,

The objective of this design is to create a swarm 3D printing and assembly platform which employs a swarm of printhead-carrying mobile robots to complete sophisticated manufacturing tasks. Similar to how a swarm of bees working together to build their beehive,

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