A drive unit comprising a two part-electric motor and a gear box coupled thereto is known. Gear box that is needed to reduce the output speed and thereby increase the torque. A disadvantage of the known drive unit is that it results in substantial costs,

Design of user-friendly gripper to grasp both symmetrical and non-symmetrical complex geometrical objects. The proposed design is modeled, analyzed and simulated using Solidworks and Ansys software. The fabrication of the gripper should be using 3D printing technology with PLA.

A modular system fluidity-based controlled expansion system that uses a gas to inflate an inner container quickly which then causes a fluid filled container to displace fluid causing expansion and deformation of the second container. A cable over the second container fixed at one end simulates tendon action.


Every year thousands of people lose body parts in accidents caused by different ways. Usually most of the other parts which are used to interact with computer are lost, but the eyes are still working, so why don't we use them?

Design Statement:

Design consists of the following main parts.
1. Panels
2. Steer Wire Rope / Steel Bars or Tubes
3. Lap Lock Joint
4. Earth Foundation Pillars
5. Free Foundation Pillars

Fabrication and Construction:
Install the main pillar, that will support its own panel’

Abstract: The proposed project concerns about a failure analysis of an electric aluminum alloy conductors damaged and broken for fretting fatigue phenomena induced by aeolian vibrations. Life of electric conductors is often reduced by various degradation mechanisms such as repeated bending, fluctuating tension, distortion, fatigue, wear and corrosion phenomena.

Innovative concepts in lightweight engineering for automotive and aerospace applications increasingly trust in Multi-Material-Design. Additionally metal-plastic-combinations are often used in white or brown goods as well as within the furniture industry or in novel architecture concepts.

Background and Motivation
The conceptual manufacturing process of Hybrid Single Shot (HSS) has been developed by Clemson Composite Center to enable production of customized hybrid structures in one single operation. The metal-polymer sandwich structures provide superior properties such as high bending inertia, sound and heat insulation,

We live in a coastal town in India called Pondicherry famously known for its serene beaches and coastal activities. Over the years, as the city has developed, it has attracted more tourism, which has resulted in an increase of littering on the once clean and beautiful beaches.

Traceability in plastic production is difficult, so we wanted to develop a general solution which did not cause any extra headaches.

We aim to place barcodes on injection molded plastic products of any size, color and geometry, without adding processes or requiring materials or contamination of the part.

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