Consumer Product Design

Levi is the office desk reinvented. In a creative work environment it‘s important that one can quickly dissolve and reorganize work formations to keep up with changing needs and to move free during a turbulent daily routine.

We designed Levi based on comprehensive research,

In workout regimens such as CrossFit, the Olympic Barbell is an integral piece of equipment used in over 13,000 gyms across the globe. To effectively increase an athlete's grip on the barbell, a manufacturing process called knurling is completed in which angled patterns are rolled onto the surface.

Sip smarter.

In a world of ever expanding alcoholic beverages, there is an ever expanding list of must have drinkware. The average consumer will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on glassware, tableware and utensils. Consumers are also more concerned than ever about their environmental footprint,

Have you ever met the blind in your life? At least you have seen them in movies of other media. Have you ever wondered how they read? Do you have any clue of what struggle have they suffered to read?

Braille books and displays are sold for the blind,

Of the five senses - sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell - the first two have been extensively exploited by the electronics industry. With a camcorder/smartphone camera we can record any thing that we see/hear. However the remaining three senses are somewhat enigmatic.

SueChef is the first fully automated, start-to-finish, meal preparation solution and smart kitchen ecosystem. The SueChef itself, a multi-meal cold food storage and oven combination,

There is no need to dread over time consuming landscaping efforts, for the consumer friendly drono Mower[Patent Pending] will perform all necessary landscaping tasks.

The industrial strength "lift" capabilities complemented by advanced accelerometer/gyroscope technology is the driving force of this technology.

Hello, my name is Graeme Slaven and I am passionate about art and design.

As you may know, there are many on-line platforms such as Deviant Art where artists and designers can exhibit their work, but none of these platforms give a context to the work.


Even with the advancements in automotive HVAC systems, it is still impossible to keep a constant temperature throughout the entire vehicle cabin. Usually the driver and the front seat passenger get to benefit from the desired temperature setting, while the backseat varies greatly. Today,

Problem: Everyday life involves frequently moving between areas with different risks of infection:
(i) safe area, such as a home or a car,
(ii) minimal risk area, such as a hallway or staircase with no people around,
(iii) moderate risk,

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