Consumer Product Design

The problem:
The health of all human beings has been seriously threatened with the appearance of Covid19 and so far have killed more than 516,570 people around the world.

Where is the Covid19?
Coronavirus can be everywhere out of our house,

Every year millions of people suffer various injuries that could be mitigated or even prevented. Some individuals avoid certain jobs, activities, or sports due to the associated risks of injuries. Many daily activities pose risks such as: abrasions, lacerations, blunt trauma, heat or cold exposure, or other ergonomic injuries.

Ring is an adjustable, custom-made prosthetic leg for transtibial amputee children in developing countries.

The conceptual 'Ring' prosthetic leg as a piece of medical equipment that will enable children in developing nations to be supported if they have lost a limb.

At Narbis, our mission is to improve people’s lives by helping them to get the most from their brains through the use of safe, affordable, consumer friendly technology that delivers lasting results.

Narbis is a platform technology, based on patents originally developed by NASA,

Our design incorporates an ultraviolet (UV) light matrix composed of multiple wavelengths that target pathogens and aim to disinfect surfaces, air, and water. UV light exposure will assist the current cleaning protocol without the added effects of harmful solvent-based cleaning solutions.

Throughout human history, the disposal of waste has looked pretty much the same. Centuries ago, we tossed our garbage in the street, creating dangerous and unsanitary conditions that encouraged the spread of sickness and stink throughout our communities. In 1875, we began storing our waste indoors.

RoboCo is an educational sandbox video game about designing and building robots to serve the needs of squishy, hapless humans in the world of tomorrow. Assemble bots piece by piece, rigging each creation with motors, gears, and customizable wireless controls in order to conquer tricky,

It is a small desktop device for recycling paper to the 3D Shape (Works with USB), the Environment and Arts as part of Sustainability.

This device provide a creative way to reuse, reinvent and recycle paper scraps into own deckle and molds handmade paper.

The Versatile Window is an effective solution to satisfy one's needs with the lighting conditions and ventilation concurrently in the room. There are times in a day where one wishes to have control over the dazzling flash of sun rays hitting all corners of the room.

The idea is for a key organizer. I have been always frustrated by the rattling keys with no identification for which key for which door. I made this design for a key organizer with 42 mm diameter and 80 mm height.

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