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Water is very critical for survival and that is why you hear often on water saving awareness and researches that could help on saving water from big consumption to small consumption in households.

Ever since the invention of electric power by Serbian-American inventor Tesla Nikola, electric power has been very critical for survival of human beings. Whether the source of the electric power supply is renewable or nonrenewable,

Depending on the area and layout of the individual mine fire; one or more delivery tubes are drilled down to be close the burning coal veins. Temporary bulkheads may be necessary to force the Liquid Nitrogen into the coal vein. Once introduced,

A new process introduced by the Rice University lab of chemist James Tour can turn bulk quantities of just about any carbon source into valuable graphene flakes. The process is quick and cheap; Tour said the “flash graphene” technique can convert a ton of coal,

Applied Technologies Company, Ltd (ATC) is involved in the development of components for ecologically benign marine power-industrial systems, based on wave and aqueous ocean resources utilization.

The growing concern over climate change created a need to shift towards less polluting forms of energy. Renewable energy, derived from Earth’s natural resources, is crucial to achieving this goal. However, many variables affect the rate and efficiency of energy generation and consume land resources. For instance,

We are an innovative startup with a social vocation the PREINVEL, that has designed and developed the sole FLUIDODYNAMIC FILTERING technology in the world able to clean the pulluted industrial emissions and remove the smallest dust and pollutants, extremely dangerous for human's healt and so dangerous for the environmental,

Present day energy such as fossil fuels, nuclear,solar, wind and others are either to dangerous or not dependable or what not. The idea I have come up with is "energy distancing". Build a thermonuclear generator, using the used fuel pellets from power plants, in a 1'x6' steel cylinder,

Plastic waste pollution is an increasingly prevalent environmental issue around the world. Many companies produce plastic waste through their manufacturing processes, and resource-limited environments - isolated island populations, natural disaster locations, remote operations, and more - continuously bring in plastic products that end up as waste.

The Everglades is a subtropical wetland ecosystem spanning almost two million acres across central and south Florida.

This GPS Python Trap Drone Retrieval System will make the capturing of Burmese Pythons in the Florida Everglades viable and efficient. The snakes are devastating mammal wildlife in the Florida Everglades,

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