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What is it?

The “Steptank thermal driven heatpump” is a heatpump that runs on high temperature heat instead of electricity. It is far better than old school thermal driven heat pumps, such as absorption heatpumps, Vuilleumier pumps( Thermolift ) and Boostheat heatpump (www.boostheat.fr).

Solid state geothermal energy is right there, under your feet, almost everywhere ... and good news it works when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow.

Starting with our 2014 Australian Mining PROSPECT Award win for innovative mining solutions,

Waveco is a technology innovator dedicated to contributing to the global green energy transformation. We do that by adopting the proven principle of the wind turbines to the ocean space beneath the waves.

Air and water are both fluids and follow the same physical laws.

Pivot Materials manufactures bio-materials by using agri-waste into plastics and bio polymer. We have reduced the use of plastics from 10% to 100%. Our materials are used in Shipping Pallets, One-time use Disposables, Automotive, Packaging, and Housewares.

Mechanical vibrations are forms of energy that can be found in the human walking movement, and this kind of energy could be harnessed for small local electricity generation. This entry consist of a floor that absorbs mechanical energy from impacts or vibrations, and by electromagnetic induction,


The Central Problem: It is the deficiency of an important input such as organic fertilizer (agroecological) for the sector: agricultural, food supplements for the sector: livestock and livestock,

The Platypus is the first small-scale, low-cost Wave Energy Converter (WEC) designed for coastal emergencies and the desalination of water. The state-of-the-art machine converts ocean wave energy into electricity.


Trees are responsible for the production of oxygen in the world, but despite their great virtues, they are limited to producing and developing in specific environments,

We wanted to rethink the way most people consume water to develop an honest, Eco-friendly product to help solve the global plastic waste crisis.

Direct conversion of thermal energy (heat) to electricity.

In collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne), we have developed a proof-of-concept (TRL 5, as defined by DOE/NASA), electronic, wafer fabricated device for cheap, efficient direct conversion of thermal energy (heat) to electricity.

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