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Electrochemical Recycling Electronic Constituents of Value (eRECOV) offers a game-changing solution to growing challenges of electronic waste. The economical and environmentally sound process eliminates the need for traditional recycling methods such as smelting and cyanide leaching. The chemistry in eRECOV is continuously regenerated, and its solution is reusable.


Climate change is placing hardship on 3 billion people in poverty. Dysentery and spread of disease can be prevented if they could just boil water, keep food chilled, and power small appliances. For every tonne of carbon dioxide we emit into the atmosphere,

Century Fathom presents a novel method using Natural Gas Clathrate Hydrates (NGH) for producing natural gas from sub-sea petroleum reserves. Our patented process enables production of reserves which are deemed stranded either because they contain a high content (percentage) of impurities, specifically carbon dioxide and/or sulfur,

To counter climate change, the world is moving towards clean energy, but still, energy is generated through fossil fuel due to its need on a large scale. Therefore it is necessary to use our electricity in an efficient manner.

For a hundred years or more we've designed our roofs wrong! For stores and warehouses we made the mistake of creating a thick envelope with no natural light that traps the heat, and then we spend large amounts of money in lighting and cooling!


Over 97% of our transportation energy comes from oil, but the United States controls just 3% of the proven oil reserves and must import from other countries. Coal and Natural Gas power stations use our abundant resources to provide 61% of our grid energy needs,

From home, offices, to industries there is great demand for a variety of exhaust fans. Exhaust fans are available at various specification such as RPM, watts, current, speed. etc. Most industrial units vary huge and high speed exhaust fan are required which runs continuously.

The described barge is a novel concept for combining a compressed air energy storage system with an offshore electrical substation serving a deep-water floating offshore wind farm. The concept combines existing offshore technologies with floating compressed air energy storage (CAES) system driven by off-shore wind farm energy.

According to the World Coal Association (https://www.worldcoal.org/), the energy and cost benefits associated with coal combustion plays a vital role in the robustness of the electric-power generation, steel, and cement industries. Coal combustion accounts for 37% of global electricity generation.

Many families across the world use open fires fueled by wood, charcoal or sometimes even plastic as their fire source for cooking, temperature regulation and other reasons. When this is done indoors it can be significantly damaging to health, especially for youth or elderly.

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