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1. Half of the energy supplied to a typical data center is wasted on cooling electronics,

In Bangladesh alone, around 40 million people today still live without any kind of access to energy. - ourworldindata.org
Of these, over 10 million live in extreme poverty. - worldpoverty.io

Children in particular suffer with the inability to study with decent light at night.

A January 2016 report from the World Economic Forum projected plastics production, which was 311 million tons in 2014, will double by 2034. Production of ethylene, the basic building block for these materials, represents the single most energy-consuming process in the chemical industry.

A green means of generating electricity from the pitter patter of falling rain drops and sunshine is described here. A falling rain drop strikes at least one piezoelectric element (coated with multi-layer photovoltaic flexible thin films) of a micro-grid array comprised of many piezoelectric elements.

The ocean temperature reducer is a swarm of drones aimed to control (cool) the temperature In the path of hurricane forming storms before they gain the energy from the heat and transform into a dangerous category 3+ storm,

OSC+ collects top- and mid-level oil spills in sea physically. Powered by wind and sun, the pump generates bubbles from seafloor that carry mid-level spill to surface. The top-level spills are collected by water level difference generated by bubbling.

This is a proposal for a green economic development organisation to work alongside counties and allow their communities to develop an ecologically and socially sustainable system for energy, food production and manufacture.

The world has a plastic problem. Humans are responsible for 32 million tons of plastic litter per year that is disposed of incorrectly and ends up directly on the ground and in waterways. That’s the weight of the entire population of Botswana, as plastic trash,

Hey it is me, Darwin. Who would have known that we would be kicking off a new project during a pandemic, a social reform, and a recession? To better understand,

The protection of the environment has become one of the most important issues in the U.S. Many entities ranging from federal programs to small non-profits, have been making efforts to help preserve our planet for future generations. However, in order to significantly reduce our carbon footprint,

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