The current main method for prevention of the Coronavirus is disinfecting the public surfaces that have high chance of interaction with people as much as possible.

The Covid 19 fighting measures will impose a physical separation among the passengers in all massive transportation systems. The commercial aviation will be one of the most transportation system affected by these measures, with the consequential reduction of the number of passengers for single flight. Therefore,

Aircraft Wings are placed perpendicular and horizontal; and parallel to the ground; to the fuselage, as can be seen as an standard practice. This placement is basically inspired by body structure of birds. It has its own disadvantage , like excess clearance require on both sides of runways,

According to some emerging evidence published in the journal by scientists at Princeton University, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the US research agency, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) - though not in significant quantities, the Coronavirus can be airborne. Meaning,

Our battle with air pollution is not just above ground, it is also under; pollution on underground transportation, e.g. London Underground (LU), can be 20 times* higher than roadside air.

What problem my design idea (called AirView) solves:

The design provides a method of saving lives by avoiding Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) in any size aircraft, plane or helicopters.

AirView also provides a Functional and Affordable solution for small &

This is a body sense and attitude monitoring device equipped for animals. Send and receive body messages through dynamic, heart rhythm and pressure detection modules to assess a wide range of diseases. And can be installed in accordance with the needs of animals modules for breeding, livestock, competition,

Ambient Updraft Power Converter

Air moves up because of relative heat and density. Density is caused by the distance from the center of the earth and the amount of air on top of the air.

Micro-mass sensors can be used for the detection of gases, organic cells, viruses and bacteria in a system. With today's growing need for immediate detection of viruses such as COVID-19, micro-mass sensors have become a viable and attractive option.

The Formafit process is an automated method for apparel manufacturing, a machine to make clothing without direct human intervention in a 45-second cycle.

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