RIM-D2 is a low-cost 3D-printed hand prosthesis that is capable of responding to nerve impulses picked up by an EMG sensor that processes the signal transmitted by the brain through the nervous system. It is also developed parametrically;

The Black box or Event Data Recorder (EDR), records information about your vehicle and the driver’s driving habits. It records speed, the temperature of the engine (5 seconds before impact), distance travelled, the status of fuel level, location information to revolutionize the field of motor vehicle accident investigation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven the development of quick diagnostic and screening protocols to detect and sequester potentially infected individuals. Protocols may include temperature screening. Such screening might take place at businesses, schools, hospitals or airports with the goal of identifying possibly contagious individuals.

The chrome tubes give a sustained appearance as well as golden parts all around this desk. It is innovative with its four boxes separated by a shelf for transferring documents on one side or the other.

The proposed innovation is a sustainable, cost-effective and scalable flow battery that can store excess renewable energy in water (H2O) and table salt (NaCl). I have named this the BlueBattery. It is a combination of two well-established technologies: [1] Electrodialysis (ED),

To appreciate BMHK engine proposal, one must think of stars, including our Sun, as not only nuclear fusion reactors but also, and probably most importantly, as Gravity engines.

How do blind person read? Currently, there are two major options or category for a blind person to read books. The first one is using Braille imprinted on paper.

This is a pocket size, rechargeable device with 6 Braille alphabet simulation buttons on top and 4 operations buttons on side. The top buttons are toggle buttons, which keep it state (up or down) when pressed on it. Buttons imitate Braille six-dot letters by 10x increased size. Like,

Bridgefy is solving the problem of lack of access to the Internet and phone services, by already providing millions of people with software that lets them use mobile apps without Internet. The Bridgefy software is offered in the form of a Software Development Kit, to companies with mobile apps,

What if we can help 60 million people who are displaced around the world be more comfortable? Refugee camps are getting bigger every year due to the instability of countries across the globe and people are fleeing to safety.

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