"CLOCKVID-20" is a voice controlled, subtle, home assistant which helps loneliness. This encourages people in self-isolation (who are discouraged from staying at home during lockdown) to unlock their social side.

COVID-19 is the largest pandemic in over 100 years.

1) In comparison to 2019 entry the support for incline plane is simplified by a single square plate and the power of each machine unit is increased by double cone wheels sliding on V-shaped tract on modified incline plane tilted at 45° that coincides with a line at

Time is precious in space. This Project combines technology To move Forward In Future Of Space and Ultimately help Human In Space mission.

A.I.With Google Glass help astronauts in all operating conditions and save their time to read handbooks And Give Guidance in Emergency conditions.

Nowadays, because of increasing population, people demand more food, fruits, vegetables, clothes and etc. That’s why highly productive and highest quality is being created by scientists and selektors. But this problem hasn’t been sorted out yet completely.

It is known that, light is needed to nourish plants.

It only dawns on people, the necessity of life, when someone else is in danger. As seen on numerous occasions, human life is lost due to the incompetence of another living being not to reach the specific accident location on time. When it comes to speed,

Nowadays desertification is no longer a purely ecological and environmental problem, but also an economic and social problem, which brings poverty and social instability to human beings. For those threatened by desertification, it means that they will lose their most basic subsistence -- a lack of food.

With the implementation of the Bharat Stage VI emission norms, the accumulation of ash in the diesel particulate filter (DPF) will pose a serious problem for automotive industries during the operating period. In the future,

Metro Fit is an Active Public Transit application for the city of LA. It aims to highlight the importance of community participation in sustainable mobility practices.

Based on ethnographic research and literature review, evidence suggests that despite adequate affordances to use public transit,


As known to persons skilled in electronics, filters have an essential role.

In fact, starting from a source frequency signal, it’s necessary to process it and obtain another one having phase and amplitude according to a wanted predetermined frequency.

In the telecommunications field particulary,

Every year, there are about 1.3 million road traffic fatalities, more than 50% of them pedestrians and vulnerable road users in an urban environment. Global efforts to reduce the number of pedestrians’ fatalities are struggling to achieve their goals.

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