Aerospace & Defense

We propose an alternative heatshield design for SpaceX’s Starship.


This concept based on the defense system application for a high profile person or group of people held by kidnappers/terrorists at gunpoint for their demands.

This concept is titled “HIDDEN GUN DEFENSE SYSTEM.”

This system can be used for several types of important buildings such as parliament,

Communication in space is becoming increasingly critical, be it between satellites, from satellites to ground or even to/from the Moon or Mars. Current approaches use radio waves that spread quickly resulting in very small capacity: The data rate from the Mars orbiter is a few kbit/s,

Aramid fibers are very effective for ballistic protection systems, particularly bullet proof vests. When aramid fibers are compared to steel, on an equal-weight basis, its strength is five times higher than steel. Due to natural degradation and security issues,

Safety is critical for autonomous drones. However, today's commercial quadrotor drones are still not resilient to severe motor failures. Especially in GPS-denied environments, a quadrotor with loss of one motor will fast yaw spin, causing significant position drift,

Electrification in aviation will be one of the big engineering challenges of the near future. Different types of electric powertrain architectures have been proposed and many of them have been implemented and tested in real conditions. So far,

The design I have drawn is a drone. It is not just a drone but it will help many companies and services such as NASA, the Marine Corps and the military. This drone can dive into water so that we can discover thing beneath the oceans,

Many types of railings/guard rails are shown beside the hilly road but that cannot always save cars from falling from a hilly road. Many times a car has fallen by crossing or braking the guard.

During the last decade, the commercial drone industry has grown exponentially. Even though the hardware has improved significantly during that time, drones are still limited by their battery life of 10-20 minutes. Such limited flight time restricts their use in many applications, such as search and rescue, delivery,


Few planets and satellites in our solar system can have the right conditions for life to develop (Mars, Europa and Enceladus). The space missions to explore these worlds are very expensive and we've to develop cheaper technological alternatives with satisfactory results.

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